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Your Cheatin' Ovaries

Dec 2, 2011

You're madly in love with your spouse and yet here you are in Starbucks checking out the barista, the hipster with the bad goatee, and the dad getting a cookie for his kid. Skip the guilt: New research suggests that your roving eye may be a natural part of your monthly cycle.

[sidebar]For 35 days, UCLA researchers had 38 women—some single, most with partners—answer daily questionnaires about their relationships, attractions, and flirtations. The attached women tended to lust after other guys when they were most fertile, or about 2 weeks after menstruation, researchers learned. Around the same time, these same women reported that their men became more jealous and possessive. (Previous research suggests that men unconsciously recognize ovulation-driven changes via a woman's armpit aroma.)

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Women seem to have evolved to cheat on partners with a sexier guy, explains study author Martie G. Haselton, PhD. That way they get the best genes for reproduction while keeping a steady provider at home.

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