Chicks wooden toy

One of the toys, which our grandfathers played in childhood, is a craftwork made of wood, in which two figures alternate to the center: first one, then the second and again. This can be the figures of girls "picking berries in a clearing", and "pecking grain" of chickens, and, of course, a woodcutter with a bear. To make such a toy is simple, for this do not need special carpentry knowledge. For a craft of "Chicken" size 200 x 100 mm. the following material will be needed: 1) a piece of three-layer plywood with a size of 150 x 150 mm; 2) a wooden rack with a length of 400 mm. and a cross section of 102 mm x 102 mm; 3) 6 nails 15 mm long. From the tools you will need: a ruler, an electric jigsaw or a handsaw, a drill with a drill with a diameter of 1.5 - 2 mm., a small hammer sandpaper with fine dusting.
 toy template
 bird stencils
Let's make all the blanks as in the photo.To do this, use a special stencil and using a jig saw we cut out two figures of birds and a rectangle measuring 400 x 250 mm from the plywood. Slices gently process the sandpaper, rounding the edges. Divide the rail into two equal parts, just process the cuts.
 sawing in two
In each" leg "of the chicken figurine, we make two symmetrical holes at a distance of 150 mm with a drill. from each other.
we make holes
Let's make two similar holes on a rectangular plate that are necessary so that it does not split when nails enter. All blanks are made. Now you should collect the toy.
 bird stencils
Measuring the center of one of the racks, attach to it the nails" table for the grain. "
Then, symmetrically putting the "beaks" on the rectangle in the center, connect the birds with the top rail. It is important to observe absolute symmetry.
Combine both racks, we will score one more nail, this time - connecting the left bird and the bottom rail.We will move the rod to the right by 15 mm., While the bird on the left "capsizes back". the toy is ready
Also, like the first one, we connect the second bird to the bottom rail. Move the wand back - the chicken on the right "moves away", while its neighbor hits the "table". Our toy is ready! toy chickens You can leave the craft yourself as it is now: the child will in any case be interested in how it works. But if you paint a toy, it will be even more exciting. You can offer the owner of wooden crafts to do it yourself, using paints and varnishes that are safe for health.
 children's toy Chicken
Checking the reliability of all fixtures, the toy can be given even the most Little children, who will be attracted by an amazing knock and movement of figurines. A toy made in the form of a woodcutter and a bear can be presented to an adult as a subject of ancient games that can be placed on a mantelpiece.
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