Wine Bottle Bottles Shelf

A shelf for wine bottles from wine bottles- an interesting and original design of a shelf for wine bottles that allows you to make a cool shelf and at the same time get rid of old wine bottles, if the shelf adds LED lighting to the shelf amazing A great option for bars.

Materials and tools:

  1. thick plywood sheet;
  2. wine bottles;
  3. construction adhesive;
  4. varnish (paint, stain on request);
  5. sanding paper;
  6. wooden dowel (see figure) with a diameter to enter the neck of the bottle;
  7. rubber mallet;
  8. roulette;
  9. pencil;
  10. wood drill (see figure);
  11. drill;
  12. handsaw;
  13. brush.

Step 1

Let's get started with the markup. Take a sheet of plywood, put on a sheet of plywood bottles, retreating from the edge of 0.5-1 cm and the same distance between the bottles.From the edges we will mark the middle of the bottles and draw a grid where the intersection of the lines will be places for drilling holes.

At this step, depending on the desired size of the shelf, we cut out the base of the shelf — we do this after applying the grid.

Step 2

In the marked holes, drill holes (not through holes), about 3/4 the thickness of plywood.

Step 3

Sandpaper well otflifuem plywood surface.

Step 4

With a hacksaw, we will cut dowels with a length of approximately 4 cm. On the dowels, mark the mark - the depth of the hole in the plywood. Using a rubber mallet, we will bar the dowel in the neck of the bottle by the label (the long part).

Step 5

Before proceeding, paint the varnish or paint base and let it dry completely.

We apply mounting glue on the dowel and insert it into the hole in the base, fix it until the glue sets. We also come with all the bottles with dowels.

After the glue dries, we fix the shelf to the wall and put the bottles of wine on it.The shelf for wine bottlesis ready.

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