Wife came with a scratch on expensive glasses. But I found 10 ways to fix it!

All points owners are well aware how easy it is to scratch the lenses. Today we have prepared for you a few tricks for different types of glasses.

These funds can only be used after previously read instructions. We recommend wearing gloves. Also, never use abrasive cleaners and lens cleaning cloths.

1. Toothpaste.

Gently wipe the lenses with a toothpaste applied onto a cotton cloth.

Rinse the glasses under running water and dry the lenses. It is necessary to repeat the procedure until the scratches disappear.

2. Baking soda.

Mix the baking soda and water so that it would have a texture like a toothpaste. Also wipe the lens with a cotton or woolen cloth.

Rinse the lenses under running water and wipe dry. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

3Mix for glassmaking and mosaic.

There is such a liquid, called Armor Etch, it is a mixture for glassmaking and mosaic.

It is used to repair plastic lenses and remove scratches.


Apply a small amount of Armor Etch to the lens and leave it for 5 minutes. After rinse with water and dry.

This substance can not be rubbed into the lens! Armor Etch will remove scratches and restore the outer coating.

4. Car wax.

You can also use car wax. Gently rub it into the lens and gently polish the scratches with a soft, clean cloth.

5. Water repellent for windshields.

You can also use a water repellent, then wash the lenses with water.

It copes well with small scratches, and will also reflect dirt, moisture and prevent fogging your glasses.

6. Polish for copper and silver.

This method can not be used on glass.

But it is perfect for plastic lenses. Use a wadded disc to wipe the metal shine and exfoliate the scratches.

7. Vaseline.

Apply a small amount of Vaseline on the lens and wipe it for 10 seconds.

Remains of vaseline can be washed off with water.

8. Spray for furniture.

Spray the lenses of the glasses. Wipe the lenses with a lint-free cloth until the scratch disappears.

You may have to do this procedure every two or three days.

9. Cigarette ash.

Apply a small amount of cigarette ash to the lens (just make sure it’s cold) and rub it gently. Then wash the glasses.

10. Liquid bandage.

Apply a liquid bandage to the lens and let it dry. Then remove excess liquid with a cloth.

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