Why do eyes hurt?

Dmitry Chepcheruk
Dmitry Chepcheruk
July 10, 2012
Why do eyes hurt?

Ophthalmologists believe that the pain in the eyes can be very different: from minor to severe, causing severe discomfort. It is impossible to name the exact reasons for why the eyes hurt, without examination. The reason may be overwork, associated with the need for high concentration of attention during work, reading books and magazines in poor light, daily long-term work with a computer. In this case, the eyes suffer from dryness. As a result of a few blinking movements, a so-called “dry eye syndrome” arises. The cause can also be dry conditioned air and the use of numerous fluorescent lamps. There are a number of exercises and drugs that will help maintain sharp eyesight with regular eye loads.

  • If the pain in the eyes is caused by a mechanical impact, ingress of a foreign body, a mote, curled eyelash, midge or wind, you should try to remove this object from the eye, you must act with sterile hands. If possible, it is still worth asking for help from a doctor.
  • Migraines, regular headaches and constantly tense facial muscles can also be the root cause of pain in the eyes. At the same time you need to deal with the source, for example, with headaches. The cause of the disease of the eye may lie in the disturbances of the activity of the vessels going to the eyeball. As a result, the blood supply worsens, such deviations are diagnosed and treated only in specialized clinics.
  • Worst of all, if the discomfort is caused by an infection. Conjunctivitis is most common among patients. They can be caused by viruses and bacteria that get into the eyes from the outside, as well as directly from our body. Very common in recent allergic conjunctivitis. They appear in the swelling of the eyelids, redness of the eyes, while the capillaries burst strongly. An appeal to an ophthalmologist in such cases is mandatory. With the right therapy, this disease is not dangerous, but a careless attitude to treatment can lead to serious complications, including loss of vision.

The eyes are the most fragile and most important organ of the sensory system. If you can not understand why your eyes hurt and eliminate the cause of the pain yourself, immediately consult a doctor.

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