Why does the water stink?

Vyacheslav Kim
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Why does the water stink?

What is the water quality assessment criterion? Laboratory analysis? Of course! But what if there is no possibility of such verification? Only one way out - to determine the color, smell and taste.But if the analysis of color and smell can be done independently, then taste tests may require the participation of the laboratory, where you will have to pass the tests. Therefore, water before such a test must be boiled for 10 minutes.

Causes of unpleasant smell

However, one thing when water can not be drunk. It so happens that it can not even be used for technical purposes. The reason for this is the smell.

Why water stinks from a tap, only a specialist can surely say after studying her samples. Although even the offhand reason can be determined by the nature of the smell.

  • If the crane "pulls" rotten eggs or rotten fish, then the water supply system has become the site of a population explosion of bacteria and microorganisms.
  • The chemical �bouquet� with fine phenol incense indicates unauthorized connection of a neighbor to the pipeline.
  • Chlorine �incense� indicates checks on the population�s resistance to chemical weapons.

Boiler amber

By the way, the reason for the stench from the boiler is the same as from the tap - low quality of water. However, if your water supply system does not belong to weapons of mass destruction and the water in it is of Baikal purity, then the problem is in the water heater itself. It is solved by long boiling or chemical and mechanical cleaning of the container.

What are the fish silent?

If in your apartment the water smells only from the aquarium - you are a happy person. And why the water in the aquarium stinks, its color will tell first of all about it.

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