Why does not Kalanchoe bloom?

Kalanchoe (or Kalanchoe), comes from the tropics. This is a perennial herb or shrub, in nature it can be found in Australia, Africa, America, Southeast Asia, on the island of Madagascar and the New Guinea Islands.

Kalanchoe is a succulent, i.e. It accumulates moisture in the leaves and stems, so it can survive droughts and temperature changes characteristic of deserts and semi-deserts.

And therefore, it feels great in the dry air of our apartments. There are about two hundred species of Kalanchoe, and almost all that are used as ornamental flowers bloom with bright red, white, yellow, pink or purple inflorescences.

If you properly care for the plant, it will bloom for a long time and abundantly.

Of course, Kalanchoe is quite unpretentious, if we forget to water it or apply fertilizer, it definitely will not wilt and dry. But a few rules must be followed if we want it to grow well and delight us with bright colors.

Why does not Kalanchoe bloom

Disrupted lighting mode

Kalanchoe is from the tropics, and there is a light day all year round - 12 hours.Not 5-6, as we have in winter, and not all 16 - as in summer. Therefore, in the spring we rearrange the plant on the window sill, which goes west or east. And keep there until the fall. From autumn to spring - on the south side. In winter, it is advisable to illuminate the plant additionally.

We remember: in order for the Kalanchoe to bloom, in spring and summer we reduce his daylight hours to 12 hours. But these 12 hours of illumination should be good, otherwise the flowers will be small and dim.

In the winter - we light additionally, in the morning and in the evening, bringing the light day of the plant to the same 12 hours.

Temperature disturbance

The temperature tolerates the plant normally, from 10 degrees in winter to 28 in summer. But the optimum temperature is 16-18 degrees.

Why does not Kalanchoe bloom? The fact is that flower buds are laid in his fall and winter, and if we have heating at the maximum in an apartment, the high temperature can prevent it.

Remember: you need to rearrange the Kalanchoe in a cool place, on the glazed loggia, for example, where there will be no more than those 16-18 degrees.

Disrupted feeding mode

Fertilize Kalanchoe summer. Every week - mineral fertilizers, once every two weeks - organic.

Remember: if you want the plant to bloom well, you need to repeat feeding in the fall or winter, when the buds are laid. Perfectly suitable fertilizer for cacti.

Irrigation mode violated

Kalanchoe in nature feels great in deserts and semi-deserts, therefore it is abundant and often not necessary to be watered. Only if the flower is in direct sunlight, you can water it as the top layer of the earth in the pot dries.

We remember: in the spring and in the summer we water 2 times a week, with a small amount of distilled water, and pour water into the pan. In winter - once a week and a half. If the plant starts to lose leaves, it means that we have peresushen it, it is worth watering a little more often.

Kalanchoe does well without spraying, but on a hot summer day it surely doesn’t hurt.

Unsuitable soil

Almost all types of Kalanchoe grow and bloom beautifully in the usual mixture intended for succulent plants (four parts of sod land, two - leafy ground, one part of sand and one - peat), you can buy it at any flower shop. This may be neutral or weakly acidic soil. Why the Kalanchoe does not bloom can be explained by the fact that there are several species for which this is not enough.

Remember: if our Kalanchoe refers to epiphytes, i.e.for climbing plants requiring support (such as Kalanchoe single flowers, its flexible stems can grow up to 40 cm), the usual mixture will not be enough. For flowering, this plant needs humus soil and additional feeding.

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