Why do you sweat in a dream?

Sweating is a natural physiological process. After all, in this way the body maintains an optimal temperature. Therefore, even in cold weather, a person loses up to 1000 ml of fluid per day. However, in a dream, such a physiological process slows down and only in some it continues to be active due to various reasons. Consider in detail why you sweat in your sleep.

Increased temperature in the bedroom

Remember that the optimal temperature for sleep is about 18 degrees. If it is higher, then the human body begins to actively produce sweat. Therefore, make sure that in your bedroom both in the cold season and in the warm air the temperature is around 18 degrees. Then you forget about sweating and sleep well.

Blanket too thick

If you sweat in your sleep, then take a look at your blanket, for sure, it is too thick and overheats the body, as a result, the body gets rid of excess fluid. The only way out is to change the blanket.It should not be downy and too thick. It is better to take the usual from sintepon. It should be thin so that you feel a little cool during sleep.


This is not surprising, but improper diet can lead to increased sweating during sleep. But what kind of food contributes to the activation of such a physiological process? First, it is too spicy and salty dishes. They provoke the release of fluid from the body. Secondly, the body reacts to excessive sweating on coffee, alcohol, strong tea and all sorts of energy drinks. Therefore, they are not recommended to use in the evening. In addition, remember that smoking activates the process of sweating during sleep. Therefore, refrain from tobacco puffs in the evening, and better start a healthy lifestyle.

Medication intake

Many drugs change for a while the mechanism of self-regulation of the human body temperature. Especially acutely the body reacts to antibiotics, so when they are taken in many people in a dream there is increased sweating. It will be normalized some time after you complete the course of treatment.

Stressful situations

If for some reason you have to often get nervous, then you shouldn’t be surprised at the increased sweating in your sleep. This is normal in this situation. It can also be observed with nightmares. After all, they also cause stress in a person. In this case, it is recommended to drink herbal-based sedatives. They are appointed by the doctor.

Hormonal adjustment

Increased sweating during sleep may be due to hormonal changes in the body of a woman. It can occur during pregnancy. Especially in the first months. Also, hormonal changes occur during menopause, since there is a deficiency of estrogen and progesterone in the woman’s body.

Excess weight

Overweight people sweat not only during the day, but at night. The fact is that with obesity the body is harder to control physiological processes. In this case there is only one way out - go on a diet (it is necessarily chosen by a nutritionist) and go in for sports (under the guidance of an experienced trainer). As the weight drops, sweating will decrease and you will feel more comfortable.


Most often, increased sweating at night is observed with the flu. It is also accompanied by chills and body aches. When appropriate treatment is given, body temperature and discharge of fluid return to normal.

But not only the flu causes excessive sweating. Also, this condition can be observed in diseases of the endocrine system. They are diagnosed by ultrasound. In case of metabolic disorders, sweating in sleep is also observed, since this is one of the symptoms of such a disease that requires mandatory treatment.

Another common disease is obstructive sleep apnea, which occurs with oxygen starvation. This disease is accompanied not only by sweating at night, but also by small stops of breathing. As a result, the pulse quickens and blood pressure rises. It is very important to start treating this ailment as soon as possible in order to avoid serious complications.

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