Where to sell hair?

Olga Kravchenko
Olga Kravchenko
March 24, 2015
Where to sell hair?

Hair was sold and bought for a long time - after all, for the best wigs, it is natural hair that is needed. Therefore, if you are a happy owner of a luxurious braid, then perhaps you should learn about where to sell your hair. Of course, it’s not possible to earn money from selling your hair regularly, they grow slowly. But it will turn out to change the image and earn extra money at the same time, since the hair is paid fairly well.

What kind of hair can you sell?

Before looking for a buyer for your hair, you should find out if they are suitable for sale. Hair for sale usually take a length of 25 cm. Ideally, they should be unpainted, healthy and without gray hair. However, painted and gray can also be sold, but they are much cheaper. In addition, such hair can often be sold only if they have reached a length of 35 or even 50 cm.

You will get more money if your hair looks healthier and stronger, so it’s better to take care of them for a few weeks before selling them, making nourishing masks and using special balms.

Where can I sell my hair?

The easiest way to sell hair in beauty salons and hair salons. Often during the haircut, hairdressers themselves offer this. Try calling a few salons and see if they need long hair.

Many offers to buy hair can be found on the Internet. Also pay attention to bulletin boards and pillars on the streets, advertisements in newspapers - often advertisements for the sale of hair are found there.

We advise you to compare the cost per 100 grams of hair in several places, because there is no fixed price for hair. Ultimately, the amount will be determined on the spot, depending on the thickness, length and quality of hair. Hair cut is also in place, otherwise the cost of hair can be reduced due to the fact that they are a little confused.

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