Where to go in St. Petersburg?

In the city of St. Petersburg, there are a lot of Russian universities. It has:

  • State higher educational institutions - 68,
  • non-state higher education institutions - 50.

The question immediately arises as to which one to choose in order to get a decent profession. In this article we will consider the most prestigious educational institutions of St. Petersburg.

SUAp is suitable for engineers

The State University of Aerospace Instrumentation is considered a favorite in the application of leading educational technologies. In Russia and abroad, it is the largest scientific center. Here are available training, retraining, as well as advanced training of such specialties as:

  • engineers
  • programmers,
  • economists,
  • lawyers
  • managers.

The university has over 45 departments, one of which is the most unique - UNESCO. Almost every teacher has a degree, several of them have the title of Honored Scientist or Honored Worker of Higher School.

For financiers suitable for the GEM

To the question of where he studies in St. Petersburg? You can easily answer in the St. Petersburg Institute of Economics and Management. Because a permanent education system has been formed here. It includes: the school "Externate", receiving secondary and higher vocational education (bachelor degree, specialty, magistracy). Under this system, you can in the shortest possible time to get diplomas in such specialties:

  • financier,
  • economist,
  • manager,
  • Audit Accountant.

For physicians suitable MGI

Choosing where to enroll in St. Petersburg, do not forget to consider such a university, as the Medical-Social Institute. Education at the St. Petersburg Medical and Social Institute is held by the State Standards of the Russian Federation. It was formed in order to access higher education at affordable prices. Among the teachers are also candidates of science, experienced professionals working from the first day of the institute. Here are located hospitals such as Pokrovskaya, Road, as well as ultra-modern dental centers. Training takes place in the newest computer labs.The institute has an excellent library. For foreign students, there are courses on learning the Russian language.

GU on technology and design

The university has: 12 institutes, 3 faculties, 2 colleges and 9 specialized schools - small faculties, 3 centers of advanced training. Here you can go through preliminary training before entering the chosen specialty. On the campus there are large academic buildings, in the amount of eight, four dormitories and six suburban facilities. With the help of modern equipment of the department, educational and scientific laboratories, lecture halls, programs of higher and secondary special education are being implemented. Engineers, designers, and economics and pedagogical specialists graduate from the university. After reviewing the advantages of this university, you will know where to enter in St. Petersburg without any problems.

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