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buy furniture in the hall

Hallways in the modern sense - this is not only the space in front of the entrance, but also stylish furniture. They are used to store outdoor clothing and shoes, umbrellas, various small things and help maintain order in the home. Therefore, it is important to equip not only in accordance with the general design of an apartment or a house, but also depending on the things intended for placement there.

A variety of headsets

Modern hallways (Perm) perfectly complement the interior, as well as expand its functionality. You can choose the appropriate furniture, looking at the range of the manufacturer "Eco". It contains:

  • Classic sets with cabinets and shelves;

  • separate cabinets with poufs and mirrors;

  • graceful dressing tables and elegant rack hangers

  • furniture sets from stand-alone pedestals and lockers;

  • beautiful modular combinations of wall hooks, closed cabinets, cabinets.

presented by the manufacturer is filled with the most fashionable and thoroughly thought out headsets. Each set is based on chipboard, solid wood, other popular and affordable materials. Finished products are decorated with mirror elements, chrome fittings, open niches and drawers.

Such simple products in the right combination of modules and additional elements look very elegant and dignified. Buy such a corner is sure to, if you want to rationally use the space and take care of the appearance of housing.

Where to purchase products?

When choosing furniture for your home, carefully study the hall catalog (Perm) of the Eco factory. There you will find exactly the option that best complements the design. The manufacturer’s product range includes products for rooms of any size:

  1. Large sets with a cabinet, mirror, side shelves and open hooks.

  2. Mini-models for 3-4 hooks with a comfortable cabinet and drawers inside.

  3. Solid designs with closed and open sections for outerwear and a ceiling mantle.

  4. Modular sets with a mirror, a chest of drawers, a wardrobe and small decorative accessories.

If among the standard options there was no suitable one, the masters of the company will make an exclusive combination in the chosen color palette from the materials you like. To do this, contact the manager of the company and discuss the details of the order.

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