Where are the Maldives?

Anastasia Rakhmatova
Anastasia Rakhmatova
August 1, 2012
Where are the Maldives?

There are several heavenly places in the world where millions of people dream to visit. One of them is the Maldives.

Where are the Maldives? Thousands of tourists ask this question. Who repeatedly heard about these islands in advertising, but have no idea which side of the globe they are in and how to get there.

Where are the Maldives on the map - of course, in Asia in the aquatic environment of the Indian Ocean, 700 km south-west from southern India and the most beautiful island of Sri Lanka in the middle of the ocean. It can be said that the Maldives are located almost at the epicenter of the equator, in part of the tropical climate.

The Maldives are coral islands, divided into small pieces and scattered throughout the ocean. They are very small, and no more than 1 hotel is located on the island. There are about 88 resort islands in the archipelago. And just over a thousand Maldives. There are no mountains in the Maldives. And the level of the island above the ocean is not more than 3 meters. Water stays every year and maybe in 20 or 30 years, the Maldives will be under water.

The whitest sand, the purest clear water, the sun and the endless ocean is a real paradise where you want to come again and again and where you never want to return.

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