When do they turn on the heating?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
March 13, 2013
When do they turn on the heating?

Every year, with the advent of cold, the heating season begins. At a certain time when the air temperature is low, utilities turn on the heating in the homes of citizens. But the weather is very changeable, there are various circumstances, so you can not talk about a specific date to say exactly when the heating is turned on.

The heating season should begin when, for five days, the air temperature does not rise above eight degrees Celsius. In the autumn, if it gets too cold, they should turn on the heating. This is prescribed by law. If this does not happen, you can contact the city office with a question or a complaint. Although there are cases that utilities are not related to your cold batteries. If "given heating", the season has begun, and you still do not have heat, the problem is in the batteries.

Although the heating season should begin in the fall, but if, for example, the summer temperature stays at 8 degrees Celsius, then in this case should also include heating.

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