What will happen in the new phone Xperia

The new phone Xperia first of all attracts ergonomic design. The device looks completely different thanks to the latest soft touch materials. The phone shell has become less velvety, there is more cold metal in it. This also affected the protective properties of the material: you can safely write on the case with a ball-point pen, and then erase it, while the surface is not injured.
Convenient location in the palm of your hand, despite the rather considerable size, provides a specially curved back panel. Screen size was 4.3 inches. The protective glass will protect it from the actions of external stimuli. Also on the display is the front camera for chatting on Skype or video calls.
The control buttons, connectors and sockets for plug-ins are located around the perimeter of the smartphone. To activate the camera, the developers placed a separate button on the right - a rare phenomenon for modern smartphones. With this feature, the new Xperia phone can quickly and easily take photos and shoot videos with a 12 megapixel camera. The phone takes a snapshot in 1.5 seconds. There is an auto focus feature.Any text captured by the Xperia’s phone camera remains perfectly recognizable.
The back cover of the phone is removable, under it there is a microSim card slot. The battery in the phone can not be replaced. Therefore, it became impossible to reboot the phone by removing the battery.
In the new Xperia phone, developers raised the speaker to propagate sound so that no surface would interfere. The external speaker sounds loudly, but it only works for high-quality reproduction. In headphones, the sound is completely different: clear, high-quality and loud.
An amazing feature of Sony Mobile's flagship was the ability to use the phone as a remote control for the entire Sony media technology. For this purpose, a specially developed program MediaRemote. Using the new Xperia phone, you can always call the TV remote and easily find it.

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