What to do when you do not want to live?

Almost every person sometimes thinks about what to do when you do not want to live. Someone this state lasts a couple of minutes, someone - a few weeks. Everyone handles it differently.

People end up in such situations for completely different reasons: the death of a loved one, a huge lump of problems, separation from a loved one, financial responsibility ... A cause of this crisis can be a disease such as endogenous depression. In a person with endogenous depression in life, everything can be quite well, but his emotional state is always terrible. This is a violation of the brain, in which the flow of joy hormones is blocked or they are not produced enough. Such depression is treated with antidepressant drugs. When the soul is bad for no apparent reason, contact a psychotherapist, psychologist or psychiatrist.

What to do when you do not want to live - tips

If you know perfectly well why you feel bad, but you don’t know what to do when you don’t want to live, we offer some tips on how to correct the situation.

Suicide or suicide will not change anything. Suicide is a search for a solution, simply inadequate. He never changes the situation and does not solve anything, your death will not return someone close to you, your debts will spread to relatives, and if you think that your life means nothing, suicide will not increase its value.

If you feel helpless, hopeless and unable to correct the situation yourself, ask for help from others. Remember that there are always people in the world who can help you, you just need to find them. If relatives can not help you, ask for help from strangers, post posts and announcements on various websites, forums, someone will surely respond, and perhaps you will find people like you who have experienced the same and will help You advice and experience.

To overcome the problem, imagine how your situation may deteriorate, and what you should do for this, then go from the opposite - do not do what worsens, and write down your own steps to improve the situation.

Do something. Cook, work with your hands, create, do something that gives an objectively visible result.This will help you, especially if you get a positive rating from other people. In the process, you are distracted from sad thoughts, and it is always nice to see that your activity is bearing fruit.

Think about your favorite activities, what gives you joy or something that pleased you earlier, remember funny stories and joyful moments from your life. You definitely have them. Think of them more, with their help, drive away obsessive gloomy thoughts from yourself.

What to do when you do not want to live, and there is no way out of the problems? Take a look around, ask advice from other people. During the crisis period, your consciousness is narrowed down to a certain funnel, you can see very few solutions and do not always objectively perceive the situation. Other people will help to look at the situation differently and find a solution that you were not aware of.

Set a goal. This may be a very small and simple goal for the beginning - to find 100 rubles, cook soup, go to the store. Follow your goals and gradually increase their scale.

Find someone who needs you. These can be relatives, children, friends, colleagues, people you don’t know about, but who need your help.Look, perhaps, to someone worse than you now.

Speak out. You can tell everything to a loved one, a psychologist during a personal meeting or by telephone, and sometimes even to someone else. It happens, we tell everything that we have in our hearts, to our companion in transport. Take the train or bus and tell everything about you and your situation to the first person you meet, the person you will never see again, he will not judge you.

We have presented you a list of what to do when, do not want to live. In short: open your eyes, do not sit still, be active, ask for help and take care of yourself. All the best!

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