What should be the perfect home for different signs of the zodiac

Wday.ru asked how to arrange housing in accordance with the stars.

Astrologers claim that the stars have an impact not only on the formation of a person�s character, but also on all areas of his life. The interior of the house is no exception. We decided to look into the horoscopes in order to find out how to follow the various signs of the zodiac when choosing the design of our home.

Aries (03/21/19/04)

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The strength and energy of representatives of this sign allows them to feel quite comfortable in interiors that may seem to others to be slightly straining and even heavy. For Aries, walls painted in bright red and even black, and some extravagant design solutions do not pose a problem at all. On the contrary, the more bright colors and shades in the interior, the more interesting it is for Aries to dwell in it.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

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Classicism and romanticism - as a rule, when designing dwellings, Taurus is precisely to these areas.From here and color preferences: cream, lilac, pink, and also light pastel shades - surrounded by objects of just such a color, Taurus will feel most comfortable. Taurus tendency to luxury and wealth affects their choice of furniture and accessories. If the budget is not limited, then Taurus can easily overdo it with antique furniture, paintings, statues and crystal chandeliers, turning their home into a branch of the museum.

Twins (May 21 - June 21)

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Representatives of this sign, controlled by the elements of air, it makes sense to surround yourself with a cozy, but light and mobile furniture. And it's not only that the Twins love to meet guests and organize parties when they may need to move furniture and arrange a dance floor, but also that they like to arrange a rearrangement of furniture from time to time simply without special reason. Therefore, furniture-transformer, wicker or folding chairs, tables and cabinets on wheels, as well as many pillows to comfortably sit directly on the floor - this is what will allow the Twins to show their changeable air nature and feel comfort.

Cancer (June 22 - July 22)

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For Cancer, a home is a real fortress, a refuge, where not only he, but also all members of his family, which is so important to him, must feel safe. The interior of the home Raki, as a rule, pay great attention, not only to the interior of the apartment, but also to the appearance of the house or cottage, if any, they are also very meticulous - everything should please the eye. The colors in high esteem are calm, restrained and noble: white, beige, yellow, sepia, blue.

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

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The king of animals to match the atmosphere of luxury, the ideal furniture for Lions - from expensive wood, and for decoration is better to use natural leather. Representatives of this sign will not object to gilding. Designer vases, paintings by fashionable artists or accessories of famous brands - you can please Leo with a gift, but it will be expensive. Colors prefer strong: yellow, red, purple, bright blue. If the budget does not allow to plunge into luxury recklessly, then the walls of bright colors would be appropriate.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

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People born under this sign are extremely practical, they are able to create a harmonious and at the same time functional interior, even with a very limited budget.Virgos feel great when straight lines and simple geometric patterns prevail in their surroundings. The correct, in their opinion, color combinations is a real cult, without this there is no way anywhere. Ideal for dev colors are blue, light gray, light green, cream, beige, and the preferred style in design is minimalism. Reliable, durable and comfortable furniture, as well as many shelves and cabinets - without this Maiden is hard to imagine. And add here another special lighting - each zone in the apartment has its own, which will help to create additional comfort and a special atmosphere.

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