What should be the bedroom?

In our today's article on design, we will talk about what should be the bedroom - and in terms of color, and in terms of furniture, which should be in the bedroom. The bedroom, as you know, is the most personal, so to speak, intimate room in the house, which is designed for relaxation, and therefore the bedroom interior should create a peaceful and calm atmosphere. After all, it is in the bedroom that we become free from fatigue, and also accumulate and replenish energy.

About design

Let's start with the size of the room. The size of the bedroom can be completely different: the spacious rooms, and quite small rooms. It all depends on the material capabilities of the owners of the apartment or house, and on taste. But in fact, it is not so important how many square meters you spend on the bedroom. Much more important is the overall decoration of the room and its colors. And both that, and another should correspond to the sizes of your bedroom. So, what color should a bedroom be decorated with? For a small bedroom, the best solution is to use light and airy tones in order to create the effect of the depth of space and a sense of freedom.In the spacious bedroom you can, on the contrary, use bright and saturated colors, which will create a much greater comfort in the room. In general, what color should be the bedroom, you decide, and we go further. Now you know what furniture to use in the bedroom, and how it should be located.

What should be in the bedroom

First of all, it is advisable not to clutter up the bedroom with all sorts of furniture. For example, in a small room it is enough to place only three main pieces of furniture: first of all it is, of course, a bed, as well as a wardrobe and a dressing table, which are best moved to the walls. However, there may be many options depending on your capabilities and / or preferences. Someone loves free rooms, in which there is nothing but a single bed and a pair of bedside tables. Some even in a small bedroom find a place for a dresser, and a cosmetic table, and can even provide a working area. For complete relaxation during sleep, correctly position the bed. And here we can help Chinese Feng Shui - the art of living in harmony with the outside world.Feng Shui experts advise not to put the head of the bed in the direction of the front door, and also not to sleep and feet towards it. It is advisable to place the bed so that the owner of the room can see who enters it. To this end, it is good to move the bed to the wall, or to install it in the bedroom diagonally - of course, if the dimensions allow. It is also recommended to reduce the angles on the bed to a minimum, and bedside tables are not recommended to do above the mattress. In addition, you should not hang over the bed a variety of heavy interior items - paintings, shelves, lamps. But the elegant and light glass shelf is quite suitable. The main thing is to locate it at the correct height.

Final moments

We will not forget those objects that make our sleep truly comfortable. Of course, this is bed linen. It is better to buy from durable materials. It is wonderful if the linen is decorated with embroidery - such linen at one time was even inherited, they were proud and showed it to guests. Also, make sure that the bedding is enough in the house - and this is not only a visit (although they, of course, have to be taken into account), but also that it is enough for you.And one more tip: buy bed linen made only from natural materials. Synthetics - it is synthetic, and you will not get any comfort from it. Mirrors in the bedroom, too, should not be much - quite enough mirrors on the dressing table, and a sleeping person should not be reflected in the mirror. As for the TV or computer in the bedroom, although many do not recommend them, everyone decides for himself.

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