What makes a netbook different from a laptop?

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What makes a netbook different from a laptop?

A laptop is considered a portable personal computer, which is small in size, weight and is able to work autonomously from 1 to 15 hours. But when we think about purchasing a laptop, netbooks can catch our eye. The question arises, what is better and why a netbook is different than a laptop.

What makes a netbook different from a laptop

There are the following main differences:

  • dimensions and low weight netbook,
  • lower netbook performance and power,
  • longer netbook battery life,
  • price,
  • configuration.

How a netbook differs from a laptop - weight and size

A netbook can be thought of as a kind of laptop, that is, a miniature laptop. Laptops were created primarily for business people who need to constantly have access to their personal computer, be it a trip or public places. Over time, people began to need a laptop that would occupy a minimum of space, was lighter in size, but retained all its functions.A new offer on the market for goods has become a netbook, the diagonal of which usually does not exceed 10 inches.

What makes a netbook different from a laptop - performance

What does performance mean in our real life? By purchasing a laptop, you can choose its power: someone needs a computer for games with huge power, and someone will be satisfied with a small power to perform common tasks. With a netbook you will not have such a choice. Usually netbooks use rather weak processors, so its performance is lower. So on a netbook it is possible to perform only simple tasks, for example, work on the Internet, work with office programs or watch a movie.

What makes a netbook different from a laptop - battery life and price

The battery life on average more than a netbook, as its performance is lower. Of course, an important criterion will be the individual characteristics of a laptop and netbook.

As for the price, netbooks have a low cost relative to laptops. The reason for this are inexpensive components, a small display size and a different configuration from laptops.

How a netbook differs from a laptop - configuration

A netbook, unlike a laptop, will not have such a number of connectors and ports, and it will not have an optical drive (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM). That is, it will be necessary to install the operating system and software in other ways (via the Internet, a USB flash drive, or a hidden partition on the hard disk).

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