What is the list?

December 17, 2014
What is the list?

In conversations of modern young people, it is often possible to hear the word "correspondence". However, few know what it means. We will now tell everyone who is interested in what the list is.

Meanings of the word "inscription"

In general, the concept itself came from hippie subcultures, who liked to gather in large groups from someone at home to hang out, smoke, socialize, make love, listen to music, etc.

The main purpose of the list as a place where you can spend the night, perhaps stay a little, has survived to this day. The classic version of the list: a person has several contacts, most often from other cities, where he can turn to be allowed to spend the night. People who are ready to shelter a person can be both friends and completely unfamiliar. There are those who collect the addresses and numbers of such people throughout the country so that, on occasion, there would be someone to turn to for the night.

However, today is a broader concept. So, we can distinguish the following types of list:

  • Place in a non-native city where a hitchhiker can stay. In exchange, this person is also ready to give his house as the same place for another;
  • Noisy long-night parties. Accompanied by rapid fun, a large number of people, a sea of ​​alcohol, etc .;
  • A list can also be spent overnight at a friend's house;
  • Not only overnight, but also temporary residence (usually for a couple of days) with someone at home.

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