What is pronto?

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What is pronto?

Many have heard the foreign word pronto. What is pronto, and from what language does it originate?

The word "pronto" is in many languages. It originates from Latin. Later came the Italian language, which borrowed from the Latin word "pronto". In addition to Italian, it is used by Spanish, English and even Russian. This word, by right, can be considered international.

So what is pronto?

Pronto (Italian):

  1. ready, prepared (eg pronto per l'uso - ready to eat);
  2. prone;
  3. resourceful, quick-witted;
  4. fast, agile;
  5. in a telephone conversation: pronto! Hello! I'm listening!

pronto (spanish):

The word has the same meanings as in Italian, as well as:

  1. rush, whim, dope (colloquial);
  2. blow, attack;
  3. soon, quickly, immediately;
  4. early;
  5. first, first.

pronto (english):

  1. quickly, immediately, without delay.

pronto (Russian):

  1. borrowed from Italian. Used as a musical term, it means tempo: soon, quickly, quickly.

And this is not all the languages ​​that borrowed the word "pronto".However, in all languages ​​the word has about the same meaning. Therefore, having heard or read somewhere "pronto", you will not be mistaken in translation.

As you noticed, a word can express different parts of speech: an adjective, adverb, or noun. From the context of the sentence, it will be clear what exactly the speaker uses it.

Among our compatriots this word pronto became very popular after Vera Brezhneva and Potap performed the song called “pronto”. In this song the word is used in the meaning "hello! Listen!"

"Hello-Hello, Pronto-Pronto
My heart is missing me about someone "- Vera sings.

The song tells about the difficult relationship between two young people, about how easy it is to lose love. Judging by the lyrics, in love:

"Missed all my moments
Lost love lost
Forever their connection was severed "

A clip was also shot for the composition, which you can see in the following video:

Now you know what "pronto" is. And this foreign word really enjoyed the Russian ear. This word began to be called everything: publishing houses, furniture polish, online stores, pizzerias, taxi services, restaurants of Italian cuisine ...And this list can be continued for a long time! Write in the search engine "pronto" and you will see for yourself. “Pronto-pizza”, for example, is associated with something Italian in people, and also hints that the pizza will be made “soon, quickly, immediately” - one of the meanings of the word pronto. The speed indicates, apparently, the name of a taxi.

Another meaning of the word pronto is the geographical name. Pronto is a region in the Canadian province of Ontario, in the depths of the earth that hides deposits of radioactive uranium.

This concludes our brief excursion into the world of linguistics! Learn languages, learn new things, expand your horizons!

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