What is an intelligence card?

Intellect cards (Mind Maps) have been widely used relatively recently, although the ideas for their creation have been made for a long time, which is confirmed by examples from scientific works of many years ago. A reasonable person has always been tempted to imagine any process, event, thought or idea systematized and visually, only the necessary tool was lacking, which were the cards. Psychologist from England, Tony Buzan, initiated the active use of this technique in our century with the help of a unique software created by him.

About the subject of conversation

What is an intelligence card? Translated from the original language, the technique can be called “mind maps”, “thought maps”, “thinking maps”, “mental maps”, “memory maps” that does not change the essence - this is a successful informational method with a clear representation of meaning, causality investigative, associative connections between such categories as concepts, events, ideas.

The human brain is very difficult to assimilate a large information linear volume in the form of symbols - texts, lists, tables, and visually even more so.Here are the cards with their basic properties:

  • action based on associations
  • inclusion of hierarchical thinking,
  • visual attraction with color, pictures, icons.


Despite the skepticism of individuals regarding the cards, it must be noted that they are of great importance for the development of brain activity, including:

  1. Help in finding answers to questions when connecting to the left and right hemispheres of the brain. With cards, problem analysis occurs using a creative, creative approach.
  2. Simultaneous visual coverage of a larger number of phenomena with objects.
  3. The ability to quickly find the optimal solution, with the most effective actions.
  4. Operating in the process of a large amount of data, which in another way is not possible to remember.
  5. The ability to choose the most successful path, indicating the starting point and the achieved goal.
  6. Pleasant impressions of the process of compilation and use, because it is intellectual creativity, with the use of bright colors, interesting symbols, leading to an effective result, accompanied by positive emotions.

Areas of use

Why do we need intelligence cards? It is a unique tool used in many spheres of human activity, successfully and creatively:

  • in training for taking notes of lecture material in a clear and understandable form, writing papers such as essays, course projects, diplomas;
  • for memorization in preparing for exams and reports, making a list of everyday tasks;
  • in conducting presentations with business meetings, in the conduct of the negotiation process - this is a method of providing a greater amount of clear and memorable information in a short time;
  • for planning as a way to effectively manage time, with a plan for any period (daily, weekly, monthly, annual), with the design of new business ideas;
  • during brainstorming, as an aid in generating new fresh ideas and creative ideas, a collective approach to solving difficult problems;

at the time of decision-making, this is an aid in a clear vision of all the positive and negative sides in order to obtain a weighted, thoughtful and most correct result.


Many books have been written by psychologist Tony Buzanwith systematizing the principles of construction and setting out the rules of application, the most popular of which is "Teach yourself to think," which took its rightful place in the thousandth list of the great works of the millennium.

Proper mapping is of great importance for its perception as a useful and modern tool created by creative thinking activity. We suggest using the following algorithm, taking into account the basic rules:

  1. For work, use a blank paper sheet in landscape format, without linear markings, as the most comfortable when displaying a map with a radiant structure.
  2. Stock up with colored pencils, felt-tip pens, at least four different colors. They are necessary for dividing information into groups, ranking in order of importance. The color image facilitates the facilitation of the perception of information, the qualitative memorization by depositing a visual image in memory while activating the functions of the right hemisphere of the brain.
  3. Center sheet use to write the main topic. It should be a large three-dimensional image with large letters, in the form of a diagram or drawing.The drawn or graphic method involves the right hemisphere to a greater extent, helping to quickly memorize a compiled intellect map.
  4. Then create large branches with keywords emanating from the center, which will subsequently branch and shrink, visually denoting the hierarchy and interrelation of the parts of the schematic image in the intelligence map.
  5. The number of small branches depends on the need, based on associative links with other concepts. With associative thinking, the map is more complete and detailed.


Starting acquaintance with this interesting tool is desirable from drawing up a simple map. This will be both a training session and an opportunity to test its effectiveness. Use the following tips:

  • the number of elements on the card should not exceed five to seven, or they are combined into groups;
  • You should not saturate the sheet with elements, leaving space for better orientation in the schematic image;
  • follow logic with causal relationships;
  • Diversify visual images with different colors, icons, pictures;
  • the symmetry of the circuit improves memorization;
  • place only the key element in the central place;
  • when using the timeline, the space on the left for the past time, on the right for the future;
  • the connection between the elements is represented by arrows;
  • Mark the lines with keywords above, not more than one above each;
  • abbreviate text with encodings in the form of abbreviations, symbols, icons;
  • write in block letters;
  • place words in a horizontal position;
  • draw the main lines more smoothly;
  • Blocks with important information should be limited to frames.

With the advent of awareness of beauty and practicality of a convenient modern tool in the form of an intelligence card, you will have access to great opportunities in all areas of activity.

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