Our today's article will be devoted to a topic that is most likely interesting to a narrow circle of people. We will talk about the programming language JAVA. The latest technology has long been taken far forward, however, this method of programming is still used by many experts. Let's understand this language and see what its features are. So:

What is JAVA?

As we already noted a little higher, JAVA is a programming language, that is, creating programs that perform various important and minor functions. It should be noted that JAVA is not only the language itself, but also a platform on which it is possible to create and use applications written in JAVA. Where did this interesting name come from? JAVA is a sort of coffee that programmers love a lot. We can also observe the logo corresponding to the name in many JAVA applications.

The purpose of any programming language is to write programs for the correct and effective process of operation of any electronic device. Initially, JAVA was created in order to control conventional household appliances.However, the creators of the language quickly understood the possible perspectives of their work and expanded the scope of their activities.

The scope of application of JAVA is the following picture:

  • Creation of desktops and applets. This product is made to order.
  • Creating mobile applications. A separate world of programming in the universe of JAVA.
  • Various server applications that are mainly focused on networking.

Let's talk a little about the features of the JAVA language and what JAVA update is. Its main feature is the use of bytecode. After creating the program, it is translated into bytecode processed by the JAVA machine. A JAVA machine is a program that interprets bytecode for devices that need to be managed. From this feature follows the main advantage of the language - its independence. The use of universal byte-code allows it to work with any device and with any medium. The snag in this case is only in the existence of the necessary JAVA-machine for this equipment, which will interpret the byte-code. Flexible security is another feature of JAVA programming.Security is that the execution of the program is completely under the control of the JAVA-machine. Operations that exceed the powers of the program are immediately interrupted. As minuses of the JAVA language, experts highlight the low speed of the programs and algorithms. However, the developers are not idle and are trying to solve the problem of poor performance. Already developed various technologies that accelerate the operation of the system as a whole.

Special mention requires such a feature of the JAVA language as universality. James Gosling - the author of the language JAVA - says that modern programming is shifting towards the development of various network applications. Well, the JAVA language perfectly meets these modern requirements. The versatility of the language, as noted by Gosling, lies in the breadth of its application. You can write programs on JAVA for smart cards, for on-board computers, for network applications of large organizations. And these are just the main areas of work with the help of JAVA.

What is java tm? The most popular gadgets created in the JAVA language are applets and servlets. Let's see what it is. An applet is a bytecode that runs in a web browser.This program provides more interactive user experience than HTML-code. A servlet is also a program that runs on a server and greatly expands its functions.

Now I would like to touch upon JAVA-machines in more detail. As mentioned above, the virtual machine works with a universal byte-code and explains or translates its implementation for the equipment. Each equipment needs its own version of JAVA-machine. It is possible to download JAVA-machines for various devices. Enter your query into any search engine and proceed to download.

As we already mentioned, JAVA is used for programs of mobile devices. It means that the JAVA language is best suited for programming applications on phones. In recent years, touch phones with software from Apple and Microsoft have become increasingly popular. JAVA recedes into the background, however, the time is not far off when this programming language will again take a leading position in the international markets of mobile devices.

Well, in conclusion, in order to finally answer the question of what JAVA is, let's touch on such an important sphere of JAVA programming, like programming JAVA games. You can watch these games in your mobile phones.JAVA language is the best way to create such products.

New technologies are developing at an incredible pace. Recently, mankind could not even imagine all the comforts that people use today. Our life was greatly facilitated by computer technology, without which it is impossible to imagine tomorrow.

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