What is JailBreak

As a rule, programs in the iPhone and on the tablet are installed through the App Store service, and music - through iTunes. Not all users like this slavery, many of them would like to be able to independently choose the sources of programs and music.
Installation restrictions are embedded in the iOS operating system. To circumvent them, and was invented procedure JailBreak, or, in translation from English, "jailbreak". Jailbreak eliminates existing restrictions, giving the user complete freedom to download third-party applications.
There are two main options jailbreak. The first, tied, it is necessary to carry out again after each reboot of the iPhone. If this is not done, the device will be inoperative. Untethered jailbreak is done once, all changes to the operating system are saved even after the device is rebooted.
The actual jailbreak procedure is carried out using special hacking tools - in particular, Absinthe is used for iPad and iPhone with iOS5.1.1. It is also suitable for iPod players.
How dangerous is JailBreak for iphone or tablet? All changes are made to the operating system, which, if necessary,can always be restored. Therefore, jailbreak is safe for devices on which it is used, and can not damage them.
What does the user of devices from Apple get after they are jailbroken? First of all, independence - he can put any applications of interest to him, use alternative sources of programs and music. In addition, it is possible to avoid tight binding to a single cellular operator. Finally, the user gets more complete access to the file system and interface settings. That is why this procedure has become very popular, relevant utilities can be found on the network.
Of course, Apple is strongly opposing jailbreaking, considering it illegal. The manufacturer warns that after carrying out this procedure, the device is not subject to warranty repair. Despite these ominous warnings, JailBreak is still very popular, all Apple’s efforts to resist him have so far failed. Suffice it to say that the new iPhone 5 was hacked on the second day after it went on sale. Previously, hackers were equally successful at hacking other Apple products.

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