What is film wax?

Wax epilation is quite popular, so there are a lot of tools and devices for carrying out such a procedure. One of these products is film wax. And what is it, how to use it correctly?

What it is?

All waxes used for epilation, it is accepted to be divided into hot and warm. The first heat up to fairly high temperatures, melt and due to this acquire a liquid consistency.

The second ones do not heat up so much and melt much faster due to the fatty basis, therefore they are thicker. Foil wax is a real innovation in the field of unwanted hair removal. In fact, it is a kind of hot wax, but it has all the advantages of warm.


The main advantages of film waxes:

  • Lower melting point. Yes, the film wax begins to melt and acquire the necessary consistency even at 37-39 degrees Celsius, which completely eliminates burns and skin damage. For example, hot wax melts at 45-47 degrees, so the risk of burns is very high.
  • Film wax can be applied with a thin layer, which significantly reduces its consumption and makes the procedure of hair removal economical.
  • The structure contains components containing rubber, so that when removed the wax will not break, even after complete solidification. It will remain elastic, which will make the procedure as convenient and fast as possible.
  • The hardening time is much longer than that of hot waxes (about 7-10 seconds), so that the mass will not only have time to evenly distribute, repeating the relief of the body and fully capturing all the hairs, but also warm up the follicles, which will make hair removal more efficient and painless.
  • Film wax can be used to treat any parts of the body, including hard-to-reach, as well as particularly sensitive.

How to choose?

Film wax today produces several cosmetic companies, but two brands are especially successful among women: “Depilica” and “White Line”.

When choosing to pay attention to the form of release. Today there are two:

  • Film wax in granules. It is produced in granules, which when melted into a single mass, applied with a spatula.The advantages of such wax include the possibility of processing any parts of the body, including complex ones, as well as extensive ones. In addition, if necessary, and insufficient layer thickness (for example, if the hairs are long), you can simply and quickly increase the number. But for heating and application will require additional devices.
  • Film wax in a cartridge. It is produced in cassettes, from which it is removed after heating. This is quite convenient, since you can melt the mass in cartridges. In addition, when processing small areas do not have to measure the number, one or two cassettes is enough. But this form is not convenient for removing hair in large areas.

Carefully read the composition. Ideally, it should include paraffins, rubber components, natural plant resins (for example, pine), as well as oils.

How to carry out hair removal?

So, how to use film wax? First you need to prepare the skin. To do this, clean it to remove any dirt (they will reduce the adhesion between the skin and wax). You can use any detergent, preferably on a natural basis.

Next, the zone should be disinfected by treating it either with any antiseptic (Miramistin, Chlorhexidine), or with a special lotion designed specifically to prepare for the procedure. After that, sprinkle the area with talcum powder to degrease it, remove sweat and ensure optimal fixation of the mass on the hairs. Then you can go to the most depilation.

How to use granular wax?

You will need the wax itself, the melting tank, the spatula, and wax wax (a special wax heater).


  1. Measure out the required number of granules, put them in a container (for example, in a plastic bowl).
  2. Heat the pellets to about 38-40 degrees. You should get a mass that has the consistency of sour cream. If there is no wax wax, you can use a microwave or water bath.
  3. Apply wax to the treatment area with a spatula. Do this carefully to distribute the composition well and capture all the hairs. One end of the finished application slightly delayed, for it you will hold when removing the layer.
  4. Wait for the wax to freeze. It should not stick to the fingers.
  5. Now, with one hand, grab the edge of the appliqué; with the other, pull off the skin next to it.
  6. Quickly remove the wax.It is advisable to do this in the direction of hair growth, so as not to injure the follicles (this often leads to hair ingrowth).
  7. Treat the area with coolant.

In cartridges

For depilation you only need cartridges, a heater and a spatula.

How to carry out the procedure?

  1. Place the cartridge in a wax mill for 20-25 minutes. The wax should be quite liquid.
  2. Using a spatula, apply the mass on the skin, evenly distribute. Pull one edge.
  3. Wait until it freezes.
  4. Grab one end, pull off the skin next to the appliqué with your other hand.
  5. Remove the mass rather sharp movement.
  6. Perform coolant treatment.

Successful, effective and painless hair removal!

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