What is dogrose useful for?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
July 12, 2012
What is dogrose useful for?

Today, in any disease, people are accustomed to seek help from medicines, and, moreover, rather expensive and not always effective. Methods of traditional medicine go into the background and the simplest methods of treatment of our grandmothers are forgotten. In each family, probably there is a first-aid kit, in which there are various pills, syrups, potions and ointments for all diseases, but they do not possess the desired healing properties.

In the expanses of Russia, a huge number of available medicinal plants are growing, the effectiveness of which has been tested by generations, and one of them is wild rose. Than the dogrose is useful, we know since the childhood: dogrose is considered an excellent remedy against flu and cold. In terms of the amount of vitamins, its fruits are not inferior to many fruits and vegetables, for example, vitamin C in dogrose, about the same as in oranges, and the carotene content is higher than in carrots, therefore, dogrose is recommended for vision impairment.

Not only rosehips have beneficial properties, but also its flowers, leaves, roots, and even galls.Extracts, decoctions, infusions and even special rosehip oil are boiled out of all the components of this plant. It quickly heals wounds and is used in the treatment of skin rashes, eczema and just for skin care. What is useful dogrose broth, you can transfer to infinity: decoction of this berry is considered an effective diuretic and diaphoretic, therefore useful for colds and edema. Also, broth hips is used in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: it normalizes the intestinal microflora and restores its mucous membrane.

Due to the large number of nutrients in the dog rose, it is customary to use it to strengthen the immune system in the autumn-winter period, and the dog rose is actively used in the deterioration of memory, vision and various diseases of bones and joints. Rosehip tincture is useful for diseases of the genitourinary system and internal organs, for example, fresh decoction is considered an effective anthelmintic agent. Rosehip is useful to use at any age, if you regularly brew tea from its fruits, the level of hemoglobin in the blood will increase, and in case of hypertension, rosehip decoction will help to normalize blood pressure and improve well-being.

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