What is dangerous liver fibrosis

What is liver fibrosis

With this disease, the proliferation of the connective tissue of the liver is observed, but its structure remains unchanged. When diagnosing a disease, normal hepatic lobules are found, surrounded by bulky strands of collagen tissue. In the initial stages of the disease, the patient usually does not experience any discomfort.
If the disease has passed into more severe stages, there is an increase in pressure in the veins of the liver, as well as varicose veins of the stomach, esophagus and intestines. At the same time, patients increase the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding. In addition, there is an increase in the spleen and a significant reduction in immunity. In the blood test, there is a decrease in the level of red blood cells, platelets and leukocytes, which is a consequence of bleeding.

Causes of fibrosis

The rate of transition of the initial degree of the disease in severe depends on its type.
Non-cirrhotic portal fibrosis usually occurs on the background of chronic heart failure, as well as infectious and parasitic ailments.In this case, there is sclerosis or clogged liver vessels with blood clots. The development of this type of fibrosis is promoted by the abuse of alcohol, the prolonged use of certain medications, the presence of viral hepatitis and autoimmune diseases.
Periportal fibrosis, characterized by severity, occurs as a result of schistosomiasis, a parasitic disease that is transmitted through infected water. The cunning of this type of fibrosis is that it can appear 15 years after the penetration of the helminth into the human body.

What is the prognosis for the treatment of the disease?

The success of the treatment of liver fibrosis depends largely on what stage of the disease it was started. The most favorable course of congenital fibrosis is considered, with such a diagnosis, patients live for more than 20 years. If the pathological process was started, the course of the disease will be irreversible. At the severe stage of liver fibrosis, turning into cirrhosis, the risk of liver cancer and the development of liver failure is quite high.
To predict the outcome of the course of liver fibrosis with high accuracy is impossible.For a long time, a calm flow can be replaced by a high rate of development of the pathological process.

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