What is a replica?

The word "replica" each of us heard at least once in a lifetime. Depending on the context, it can mean completely different things.

Replica in art

For example, in theatrical art, the last words of one actor are called a replica, after which the other must give his speech. The response of one actor to the words of another is also called a replica.

A similar meaning is with the word "cue" in ordinary communication: this is how a simple answer to the interlocutor's words, a remark, and any objection can be called.

In music, a replica can mean the answer in a fugue (a complex musical form consisting of several voices). It can also mean a repetition of a melody or phrases: in the case of a phrase, repetition is performed by another voice.

But in painting and literature, the word "replica" most often means copies of works of art. The work-replica repeats the original, keeping its size (sometimes reducing or increasing them), style and material. The most common artistic replicas are copies of famous paintings.

You can learn about the meanings of other words in the Definitions section.

Replica in everyday life

Knowing what a replica is in literature and painting, it is not difficult to guess that in the same meaning this word is used in everyday life. Most often replicas in everyday life are called copies of various branded items: watches, bags, clothes and even phones.

The cost of such replicas is very different, as well as their quality. You can find cheap copies that are very easy to distinguish from the original, and you can also find really high-quality (and, of course, expensive) replicas, which only people with a trained eye and specialists can distinguish from the originals.

If you want to distinguish replicas from originals yourself, read the article How to distinguish a fake.

Why is the replica market popular?

Of course, even the highest quality copy is inferior to the original. Yet replicas of different cost and quality are in great demand. There are several reasons for this, and they are very simple.

First, not everyone is willing to pay huge money for the original thing - especially if it’s not a technique, but a bag or scarf, which even with careful handling will not be worn for decades.Not to mention the fact that shoes, clothes and accessories quickly go out of fashion, and not everyone is ready to fork out for a thing that will cease to be relevant in a year.

Secondly, not everyone wants to shake over an expensive purchase: for example, high-quality equipment can be damaged as easily as its inexpensive copies, and repair of the original will cost you many times more expensive.

Thirdly, not everybody is important brand. Most branded items look very original and beautiful, so it is not surprising that people often pay attention to their design, color and texture. At the same time, they may not be interested in knowing which company has released the item they like. In this case, few are willing to pay for the original, especially when you can get a nameless and inexpensive copy.

Fourthly, it happens that you want to buy the original, but its price is very biting. Usually in this case it is easier to fork out for a high-quality and rather expensive replica, which is very difficult to distinguish from the original, but which still costs less. Of course, in this case, you should avoid replicas with labels and logos of goods: very often their manufacturers deliberately distort the brand name to avoid responsibility.

Even an inexpensive replica can be a profitable acquisition and last you a long time. But if you do not in any way want to become the owner of a replica, carefully consider the things you have chosen when you buy and do not hesitate to ask the sellers for quality certificates. This will guarantee that you will not get a successfully made copy at the price of the original.

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