What is a file system

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Zhenya Abramovich
Zhenya Abramovich
Answered on September 16, 2015 10:55 PM
Mikhail Salamatin
Mikhail Salamatin
Systyema is a very complex philosophical concept, which cannot be understood without liters (half a liter is not enough). And the file system is for easy understanding. Imagine a library in which there are books (files) and there is a card file of books describing what books are available, who their authors are, how many pages there are, etc. So the library card index is (quite a rough example, but for a beginner it will be clear) and there is an analog of the file system - a description of the file storage format, allocation of space for them, logging of operations with files (even in NTFS there is such a thing)))), etc. .

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