What happens after a diamond wedding is played? This couple celebrates its 85th birthday

The family of Betar celebrates its 85th anniversary!

On their first date, lovers went in 1932. The millennium has changed. But at the age of 106, John loves his 102-year-old wife Ann more than almost a century ago!

Schoolgirl Ann was 17, and John, a refugee from Syria, is 21 years old. During the depression of the 1930s, the girl's father wished for the daughter of marriage to be calculated with a man older than her 20 years.

But Ann could not imagine life without John, and therefore, after a few days, the couple prepared to escape from Connecticut to the state of New York: as far as enough money. There they were married.

Photo: Ann and John Betar. 85 years together!

The young people did not have a lush and crowded wedding in 1932, but each subsequent anniversary of living together brings them more and more greetings and gifts: Betarov has 5 children, 15 grandchildren and almost as many great-grandchildren.

This year the couple received a special gift for the anniversary: ​​the circle of honor on the old renovated Ford Roadster car - exactly the same as on their first date! Ann and John smiled at each other and kissed each other. "As in the old days," the woman said.

Advice from long-livers to young couples? "Listen to each other. No matter what situation you are in. We do not argue, we let everyone speak and be heard.

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