What dreams takes?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
March 14, 2013
What dreams takes?

Every day we go to bed and watch dreams. Often our dreams carry some meaning, and sometimes even a hint that clearly indicates what can be expected from the day to come. In this article we will tell you what it takes to dream, and also consider the various options for interpreting dreams with this thing.

So, if you wore a beret in your dream, then in the near future you will have a situation in which you will try to hide from outsiders for you some facts that will concern only your personal life. If you dreamed that you rubbed your forehead with a beret, which for you, most likely, is not enough, then in real life you will find completely uninteresting communication with other people. If you had a dream in which you saw a normal portrait of an artist with a beret painted on his head, this can only mean one thing: you are aiming for a more perfect life, you see all sorts of pleasures in it and try to achieve them. At the same time, you do not suspect that the medal has two sides, and if it has a good side, then definitely there is a bad one.

We hope, now you understand how to interpret this dream.

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