What dreams of someone else or your house?

Dreams of a house can reflect a person’s inner fears or worries. But most dream books explain in detail what a person can expect in the future if he sees a house in a dream. Much depends on what feelings the dream left, what was the dwelling, and what role the person played. A building may dream of being beautiful and well-kept, or it may seem destroyed with a collapsed roof and walls. To understand what the dream foreshadows or warns about, you can compare different dream books to draw conclusions about upcoming or present events in life.

Dream Interpretation of Meridian

Dream Interpretation about the house warns of events that may soon occur with a man who has dreamed a dream. If the building is beautiful and well-groomed, it means that prosperity and happiness await in front, and to see a dilapidated, abandoned house - to trouble, problems and troubles.

  • Search for a house and not find it - to the disappointment of loved ones.

  • Leaving home - to the news.

  • Sell ​​- to losses.

  • The house of the deceased and the dead - to the serious illness of someone from the family.

  • The house is burning - to misfortune, treason, loss.

  • Wash - for the arrival of guests.

  • The roof is falling, the sidelong - to the disease.

Dream book writer Aesop

The house can dream in a different state. If the walls are showered on him, you are busy with a job that does not bring good luck, and a rich house foreshadows that an old dream will come true.

  • Bare walls - seek help from the family.

  • Sweep, bother about the house - to the guests.

  • Sale of furniture and other property - wealth, inheritance.

  • A large number of relatives - to the inability to independently find a way out of the situation.

The dream of psychologist D. Lofa

This dream book interprets that such dreams speak of an unstable situation, doubts and serious changes in life. If the room is filled with people or animals, such a dream signals the depressed state and anxiety of the person who sees it. And any destruction does not bode well. If the house is broken or demolished - wait for the disease, divorce in the family, death.

Build a house, make repairs or restore order - changes in life. But whether they will be positive depends on you. Perhaps your loved one is waiting for your marriage proposal, and you do not dare to take this step. Or your boss has long been thinking of raising you in office, but you are not taking the initiative.

Ukrainian dream book

  • To rebuild the house - to death.

  • Bare walls - to the death of a loved one.

  • The walls are falling, crumbling - to the trouble.

  • Lit - there will be a theft.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

To see in a dream house, furnished richly - to the world and good relations in the family. A good omen bears and multi-storey building. The more floors, the more profit you will receive, but if it falls or collapses, financial collapse will come very soon.

  • Build - to the difficulties in the implementation of his plan.

  • Get a legacy - in life there will be a patron.

  • Poor in the house - to move.

  • Barak - troubles and obstacles.

  • Skyscraper - to the big profits, inheritance, financial well-being.

Egyptian dream book

If the house caused anxiety and discomfort, and you feel bad and not calm in it, in the near future there will be a serious illness.

Dream Medea

  • Spacious - wishes come true.

  • Close - to poverty.

  • Cuisine - family change.

  • Bedroom - something will change in personal or intimate life.

  • Hallway - acquaintance.

  • Pantry - need extra strength.

Dream interpretation Medium Hasse

According to the dream book, the house dreams of profit or loss. It all depends on what kind of housing you saw.If it is destroyed, there will be losses in finances, big expenses, and if you bought a new house, it means that soon everything will get better, success and happiness will come.

  • Burning in a fire - failure in business.

  • Build - to love relationships.

  • To be in the house and not leave it is a salvation from trouble.

  • Repair - to new people.

Esoteric dream book

The house symbolizes relationships with other people. If you enter a foreign house, it means that soon there will be new people in your life who can ask for help. To see the house is the return of old connections.

  • To settle in the house - to material wealth, the more housing, the better.

  • Entering a big house is a change for the better.

  • The dead live in the house - wait for help.

  • Old, dilapidated - things to be postponed for later need to be completed urgently.

  • Falling apart - dreams do not come true.

Dream interpretation of the Apostle Simon the Cananite

A collapsing house can dream of those who can not achieve the desired result. In this case, the more destruction, the greater the likelihood that the plan will not be fulfilled. Also, the dream book explains why dream of someone else's house. If you feel comfortable in a home that belongs to other people, then they can help you.Rich house - to the patron.

Dream Dream Prince Zhou-Gong

  • A house with a garden is happiness.

  • Ruined - to the trouble.

  • To build a roof - for longevity.

  • Wobbly home - to move.

  • Give home - good luck in career affairs.

  • The house fell into a hole - death.

  • People come in - fortunately.

  • Repair - to joy.

  • A dream about a former home - the return of old debts.

The dream of psychologist G. Miller

If in a dream you had a dream that you couldn’t enter your home, then trouble, financial failure, or bankruptcy will happen soon. For a young woman to leave home - get into the circle of detractors and slanderers. Returning to the old house - to the good news, but if he is busy with strangers - there will be trouble.

The dream of psychologist C. Jung

Dreams associated with the house, its arrangement, purchase, repair talk about insecurity and fear. A dream about a former home can be repeated, because the sleeper cannot find protection and feels in danger. Cooking something in the kitchen of someone else’s house means counting on support. Unfamiliar, strange things in the house - to the enemies.

Dream Dream Thelomena

This is a rather detailed interpreter of dreams. If you dreamed of a house, read all interpretations and recall the features or highlights in the vision. Dream interpretation explains why someone else’s house dreams, what can happen in a person’s life if he burns or collapses.

  • New house to build - improving material condition.

  • Buy - you need to be more persistent in achieving the goal.

  • To do repairs - to new relationships.

  • Build - to change in life.

  • Old - return to the past.

  • A wobbly home is poor health.

  • Abandoned - the past must be let go, forgive offenders and repay debts.

  • Without a roof - separation from loved ones.

  • The house is swinging - deception and meanness.

  • Disassembled - to the inevitable loss.

If the dream about the house is disturbing, you need to pay attention to relatives and friends, perhaps someone is bad and you can help. In most cases, dreams associated with housing, talk about the unstable mental state of the sleeper.

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