What does water see in a dream

Water in a dream is the most frequent and mysterious substance that is difficult to interpret. It can symbolize a huge number of things and events, the most important among which are: birth, death, purification, feminine.

Female dream book

The richest set of values ​​of water dreams is related to women:

  • Quench your thirst with crystal clear water: your most reckless undertakings will succeed.

  • Clean water in a dream: get a lot of pleasure, improve the material state, experience joy.
  • See how the water flooded your house, its level does not fall, but on the contrary, it rises: you will actively reject evil. If, on the contrary, it decreases, they will be able to dangerously influence you from the outside.

  • See how splashes or drops of water are flying on top of your head: passionate feelings will awaken in you, this love will become happy.

  • Dirty water in a dream: beware of danger or you will find a dull streak in life. Falling into it - you will find many mistakes, you will regret them.

Dreaming Veles

Our ancestors Slavs closely monitored their dreams for the so-called small Veles dream book:

  • To see washing with fresh, crystal-clear water, going to wade or bathing, choking or drowning in it: will you be healthy or something good in life.

  • You are bathing or, on the contrary, have begun to sink in dirty water or are trying to cross it on the footbridge: you have to protect your loved ones from misfortunes and personal failures, you will probably be involved in their problems and misfortunes.
  • To see pure water in a dream: laughter, something good in life, maybe even happiness in a family, health, or an unexpected acquaintance.

  • To dream that you sink someone: this person will cry because of you.

  • See clean water in the cup: beat husband. In the cup of dirty water - the husband will expel you from the house.

  • Fall in the swamp, other dirty water: trouble.

  • Hear how the water rumbles: there is a rumor about you.

  • Boiling water: to quarrel.

  • Flowing water: to tears.

  • You are standing by the water: death.

  • Drink dirty water in your sleep: get ready to ache.

Big Dream

  • Drink fresh water - happiness is in a hurry, but if it is muddy, wait for the disease.

  • Wash: release from something or someone; joy.

  • You see how you are immersed in water: most likely a difficult situation awaits you.

  • See the blue water: to meet.
  • Washing hands: if you are sick - to a difficult position, if you are healthy - stop doing things.

  • From under the floor a stream of water is flowing: you have hidden enemies, or an obstacle you will face that you did not expect. Water in a dream is rapidly flowing from the walls - to helplessness.

  • Washing the face - for joy or liberation.

Psychoanalytic dream book

Psychoanalysts have their own vision of “water” dreams:

  • You look at deep, but muddy waters - it symbolizes your unconscious, it can be an energy source in life.

  • Shortage of water in the spring: you need additional vitality and energy.

  • You came to the island from the water: this is your experience of loneliness experienced in childhood.

  • Fall into the water in a dream: you want to restore your source by any kind of creativity. If a woman is immersed in water - she is waiting for pregnancy and the birth of a child.
  • Water flows in the toilet: you are pursued by urinary fantasies (urine and everything connected with it).

  • Bathe in a dream: moral purification.

  • Obstacles and dams arise on the waterway: your consciousness tries to control your libido (sexual attraction).

  • Drowning in the water according to the dream book: attempts to force the past into an unconscious state, to forget.

  • Pond or pool: unconscious attempts to suppress their femininity.

  • Admire your reflection in the water: you have an unrealized idea. Someone else is looking into the water: you are trying to understand the other person, but in vain.

  • You are at the bottom of a dried well without a rope: you have not found a way to reveal and apply your talents.

  • Walk on the water surface: to great happiness.

  • The fire to see on the water: great luck.

  • To look at a calm water surface: to be successful, there are ripples on the water - minor troubles will happen.

Dream of colored waters

  • Green water: health will come after a serious illness, improved well-being.

  • Yellow Water: your partner will change you, but it will give you the opportunity to break with him and start a new relationship.

  • Red water: get ready, you will have a passionate romance.

  • Blue water: be careful in your love relationships and your health.
  • Turquoise water: your thoughts are pure. You will find harmony and tune in a positive way.

  • Colored water: soon you will not be bored, amazing events will come to your life.

  • Black water: disappointment in your loved one. Do not start new businesses.

  • Blue water: fulfillment of desires, enhancing your partner’s feelings. In deeds - the realization of their creative abilities.

People's Dream Book

  • You have come under the rain: a good sign is success, happiness. Also - someone loves you.

  • The process of watering flowers, trees: you will have many friends, and all thanks to your care.

  • Big water in a dream literally knocked you off your feet: get ready for a stunning event in your life.

  • You go through the muddy water and lead other people with you, they want to drink, and you promise to give them a drink: long but fruitful work awaits you. She will bring you satisfaction and reliable honest partners.
  • A glass of boiling water: get ready for an emotionally intense period in life. You will survive it safely only if you show restraint.

  • Watch as someone pours water on a dead person, and suddenly he comes to life: the disease will pass, maybe you will have a rest trip. It can also mean a rumor about someone's serious illness, a clash with the supernatural in their lives.

To breathe under the water in the dream book - get ready for the fact that your life will change. If this water is clean - the changes will be good, and if dirty - not very.

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