What does the manager do?

In our article we will talk about what the manager does in a trading company or enterprise, and at the same time we will tell you in detail what the managers are depending on the functional responsibilities.

What is the work of a manager

The manager is one of the most common and sought-after professions in the manufacturing and trading field. But today, the word “manager” is often called ordinary workers and employees (for example, sellers or even caretakers), and some managers think that in this way they increase the prestige of their company. What is the profession of a manager in fact is described in our article Who is a manager? In addition, we also recommend the article What is management.

In short, the manager is essentially the manager. But the objects of management may be different: in some cases these are personnel, in some - resources, and often the functional responsibilities of a manager include managing a certain type of company activity.Well, now let's find out what is the responsibility of the manager, depending on the specific position. Consider a few major posts.

Top manager

Top managers are the main managers of a large company. It is top managers who manage enterprises or separate divisions of large corporations. Thus, top-managers include presidents and vice-presidents of companies, general and executive directors, branch managers, etc. In order to get a similar position, a person must possess exceptional organizational talent, have solid work experience (not necessarily in this enterprise). Well, the main responsibility of any top manager is to ensure maximum performance of the unit entrusted to him. Of course, a great responsibility falls on the shoulders of top managers, which is directly proportional to their substantial salaries.

Office Manager

Contrary to popular misconception, office managers are not administrators, secretaries and supply managers, but those who manage them.The main responsibility of the office manager is the overall management of the office. This includes providing employees with meals and water, monitoring consumables and their timely deliveries, as well, and this is important, organizing the reception of customers and partners of the company. Of course, the duties of an office manager include coordinating the activities of service personnel, and it is to him that the caretaker and the cleaning lady, the administrator responsible for receiving visitors, and the staff of the transport department are subordinate to him.

Sales Manager

This is one of the most common professions in the sales of goods and services. In fact, the main duties of a sales manager are to search for customers and develop a commercial proposal. It is the sales manager who is the link between the company's staff and customers. For the representatives of this profession, it is very important to have communication skills, high ambitions, the ability to adapt to the situation, as well as stress tolerance and the ability to think analytically.

Without this, it is very difficult to sell successfully, but having at least one of these skills significantly increases the chances of success.Moreover, as practice shows, the most successful sales managers did not have these qualities initially, but acquired them in the process. By the way, we recommend you to read our article How to work as a manager - in it you will find a lot of useful tips for novice managers and those who want to become them.

HR Manager

The responsibilities of the personnel manager include recruiting new employees for an enterprise or company, taking various measures to identify employees' compliance with their positions (interviews, testing, etc.), as well as organizing events to improve the skills of company employees. The last point is understood, for example, the organization of training events or the timely dispatch of employees to refresher courses.

In small companies, the personnel manager can also play the role of a lawyer, doing office work and ensuring that the company's activities do not go beyond the scope of the labor code. However, the main function of this manager is still the search and recruitment of qualified personnel, taking into account the needs of the enterprise or company.

Advertising Manager

It often happens that in small companies the position of advertising manager is performed by a sales manager. However, a large enterprise or company without an advertising manager is indispensable. As the name implies, the advertising manager promotes the company's services in the foreign market. His responsibilities include the organization of advertising campaigns and the conduct of various PR actions, taking into account the strategy chosen by the top management.

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