What documents are needed for registration?

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What documents are needed for registration?

Registration at the place of residence is necessary so that the authorities, if necessary, can find any resident of the country at the address, as well as so that regardless of where the citizen is, the state can provide him with all the benefits and privileges .

According to the laws of our country, each person must have a registration at some place of residence, in other words, registration. According to state requirements, every citizen of the Russian Federation over 14 years of age must have a residence permit.

If a person moves to a new place of residence, he is not obliged to leave the last place. It is enough to start registration at a new place of residence, and the passport office at your new place of residence will make a request for the previous place, and after this request you will automatically be discharged from the place where you no longer live. There are, of course, cases when you need to be discharged from your previous place of residence (for example, when selling an apartment),and in this case you need to carry all the documents in person. So, what documents are needed for registration:

  1. passport new sample.
  2. if now you are not registered anywhere, then a certificate of discharge from the last place of residence.
  3. if you are liable for military service, then there must be a registration certificate or military ID.
  4. if a married couple is registered in a new place of residence, then a marriage certificate must be present.
  5. For minor children must submit a birth certificate.
  6. children over 14 must provide a passport.

Registering newborns is a bit more complicated because you are creating a new registration from scratch. What documents are needed for the registration of the child can be found below.

You must provide parents' passports, a birth certificate and copies of the above documents. In addition, a marriage certificate must be present. Parents must attach an application for registration of their child, as well as an extract from the mom and dad's housebook, which can be obtained from the passport office. It is also necessary to provide a certificate stating that the child is not registered anywhere else. And if the parents are divorced, then one of the parents must write his consent with the registration of the child at this address.

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