What do you like to photograph the most?

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Bitter Radish
Bitter Radish
Answered on November 29, 2014 21:32
I love animals to take pictures! Generally all. Only all sorts fail. Therefore, home accounts and those whom you meet on the street. The most fun catch sight! You know what expressive eyes they have! I also like to shoot children. It is even cooler than animals. they are so immediate and unpredictable. I like when children understand that they are being filmed. begin to pose))) These are becoming fun))) Or here's the mood to catch a small model. ask, what are you so sad? She says that the platice of the wrong color she was wearing). I love when children understand what they want from them. It’s better to work with them than with adults. They are sincere.
Answered on November 29, 2014 21:59
And I love - insects in macro. they have so much, it turns out.

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