What cream helps against cellulite

Which cream should be preferred?

In the beauty industry today a huge selection of tools that are aimed at combating cellulite. Do not lose in such a variety - it is very difficult. Therefore, to start, do not look at the price. The fact is that the cream of a better-known brand will be more expensive, because huge amounts of money are invested in its advertising. Accordingly, a well-known manufacturer will not sell their products at a low price. Therefore, it is recommended to pay great attention to the composition of anti-cellulite products. Sometimes on the shelves of cosmetics stores you can find an inexpensive cream with a wonderful composition and a large number of positive reviews on the Internet from the women who used it. Only now the manufacturer of this tool may not be as well-known in the cosmetics market as its branded competitor.

What should be a cream for cellulite

One of the essential components that must be present in the anti-cellulite cream is caffeine. It improves blood circulation and stimulates the breakdown of fat.To strengthen the blood vessels and the obstacles to the development of varicose veins, it will be good if green tea extract is present in the composition of the remedy against the "orange peel". To get rid of edema on the legs will help grape seed oil and red grape extract. There are anti-cellulite products that, after application, either warm up or cool the skin. They contain an extract of red pepper or menthol, respectively. Both of these ingredients perfectly stimulate blood circulation, which is important in the war with uneven skin. Great if the composition of the cream will contain algae, extract of fucus, seaweed or clams.

How to use the cream?

You can use anti-cellulite remedies for a long time. There is no particular course. During the day, apply the cream 1-2 times, the exact number of times for each manufacturer is indicated on the packaging. If a woman uses some means for the body, then it is better not to use others while applying anti-cellulite cream. Applying two products at the same time can reduce the effect of anti-cellulite.
Many women make the same mistake - as soon as they see that the "orange peel" has become less noticeable, they stop applying anti-cellulite cream. So you can not do. Beauticians are advised to use the tools for a couple more weeks to consolidate the result. So that after the cessation of the use of anti-cellulite cream looks well-groomed, it is recommended to apply a moisturizer to the problem areas.

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