What are the games Vkontakte?

Kate flower
Kate flower
October 5, 2014
What are the games Vkontakte?

The social network Vkontakte has long been something more than just a means of communication. Someone spends his time in it for listening to music, someone - for watching movies, well, and someone - for games. Over the years the existence of Vkontakte games have evolved. In addition, now you can hardly find a game on the Internet, which is no longer Vkontakte. In this article we will consider what are the genres of games Vkontakte, and give as examples the most popular.

Genres and popular games Vkontakte

What game to play Vkontakte? Choose any game from your favorite genre:

  • Arcade Games with deliberately simplified gameplay. These are fighting games, and also partly shooters and races. Popular: "Wormix", "Golden Autumn 2";
  • Adventure. Popular: "Subway: Clan War", "Mysterious House";
  • Simulators. Imitators of certain processes, for example, God. There are also training simulators. The main feature is the exact reproduction of any processes. Popular: "In the Trenches", "Tyuryaga";
  • Economic. Can be simulators, strategies, business simulators.Popular: "Klondike", "Nano-farm";
  • Strategies In them, the player needs to build a sequence of moves to get one or another result. Popular: "Wars of Thrones", "Hell";
  • Puzzles They need to use strategy, intuition and, of course, logic. Popular: "Treasures of pirates", "Indy cat: three in a row";
  • Board Popular and not so, board games familiar to everyone: checkers, chess, dominoes, card games. Popular: "Poker Pro.RU", "Goat";
  • Other In this section, you will find not only tests "What kind of animal are you?", But also applications that help people, for example, get acquainted. Also in this section you can find an application where you can grow a money tree. Popular: "Kiss and meet", "World of donuts".

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