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If you saw your fingers in a dream, try to remember as many details of the dream as possible, because the interpretation of visions directly depends on them. Why dream of fingers?

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What does dream about fingers mean?

Modern dream book

When you see your fingers in a beautiful hands in a dream - wait in the present life for the reciprocal love and glorification of generosity.

Fingers dirty and scratched, with bleeding wounds, predict despair, suffering and a lot of unpleasant moments in life.

Pointing to something or someone in a dream with a finger means an early realization of their unseemly deeds and remorse.

Contemplation in the dream of your index finger can say that the cause of many failures is to be found in yourself. The dumb thumb promises patronage of clever people who will plunge you into uncertainty.

When you lose a finger in a dream, the dream of a man predicts the loss of respectful attitude of partners, and women - an accident with a child.

When in a dream one of the fingers is different in its size - you will find yourself in a situation in which you have never been before.

A dream, where you cut off your fingers, foreshadows the deprivation of your wealth by intruders.

Having sacrificed your fingers in a dream, wait for a wondrous wonderful present or good news.

Saw the wound on the thumb - get ready to take losses in business.

In the dream book, fingers scratching - to the growing welfare. Making a profit spells out and looking at the fingers. If there are more of them on the hand than it should be, an inheritance awaits you.

If you broke your little finger in a dream - wait for an argument.

Small Veles dream

Itchy limb in a dream - to make a profit. Burn it - to envious gossip.

If you were shown a finger in a dream, and at the same time you clearly felt an attack of fear, then you should beware of attacks.

For love and happiness - this is what dreams of beautiful fingers.

Fingers that have been cut off in a dream, promise trouble and a mortal danger for a friend.

To the disease of a loved one - this is what dreams a broken finger to.

The extra number of fingers foreshadows inheritance.

When you have a finger stuck in your dream - in reality, expect a change.

Female dream book

To see fingers in a dream unkempt, dirty, with bloody grazes - to the feeling of disappointment and bitterness.On the contrary, well-groomed, they will be a signal of your sincere feelings, which will be appreciated by the right person.

In a dream, the thumb looks very small - wait for fast-moving joyful events.

When in a dream you feel pain in your thumb, get ready for bad business. When this finger is not at all, then you will find loneliness and a poor life.

In the dream book, a finger stained with something indicates that you are enjoying your love passions.

When in a dream you see an excessively long nail on a big finger - give up dubious pleasures, otherwise they will force you to commit a sin.

The absence of any fingers is a great financial loss.

Freund's Dream

A woman who has injured a finger in her dream, which symbolizes the male reproductive organ in the dream book, can be exposed to violent acts.

A man who injured his finger in a dream, in reality, has doubts about his male strength.

If you dreamed that you were touching the extremities of a person of the opposite sex, it means that you want to have sex.

When in a dream the toes or hands are bandaged - it is required to use a condom during intercourse.

The dream of the medium Hasse

In a dream to see beautiful fingers - to a successful and reciprocal love.

If you were looking at your index finger in your dream, you need to pay extra attention in your life.

Fingers adorned with beautiful rings promise temptation with something or someone.

If the fingers on the hand are not all - to the losses, failures and death of loved ones.

The extra number of fingers foreshadows the receipt of hereditary wealth. Also to the wealth of dreams fingers that you just consider or scratch.

Dream dream wanderer

To lose a finger in a dream is to suffer losses in reality.

To cripple your fingers is to become loved and adored by many.

The presence of beautiful fingers in a dream prophesies the achievement of high honor.

Dream interpretation Y.Longo

The dumb forefinger, looking up, predicts a great danger, so it is necessary to observe the measures of caution.

Break a limb in a dream - nothing from the planned will be obtained.

Finger bandaged portends a short-lived ailment, waiting for you or relatives.

Finger severed dreams of loss of support by relatives.

Burned a finger in a dream - you will decide how to independently and quickly get out of a difficult situation.

Hairy fingers dream for unexpected financial gains.

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