What are rags in a dream?

Did you see different rags in your sleep? It may seem that such a dream does not predict anything. The usual household plot, which emerged in the subconscious. But, perhaps, a deep meaning is hidden here, which we do not guess.

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What does dreaming rags mean?

American dream book

He treats the rags seen in a dream as spiritual poverty.

Dream dream bitch

A bunch of rags - preparing for fun, wedding, anniversary.

Idiomatic dream book

A rag is a symbol of your humiliating situation, they wipe their feet about you. Gutlessness and weak character. Perhaps you should reconsider your relationship with the environment and try to strengthen your position. Think about your strengths and develop a strategy to increase self-confidence.

Veles interpreter

Rags to see in a dream - a quick big income wedding. But to touch them and shift from place to place - someone will die.

The newest dream book

If you see a rag in a dream, then your opinion will not be taken into account.

To dream cloths is a warning that hypocritical people in your environment are capable of committing treason.

Esoteric dream book

Rags - a symbol of life that has tightened you.Dreaming about how you tear things up means that you have forgotten about big things, mired in trifles. This will lead you to despondency.

Modern interpreter

Wipe dust with a rag - wait for gossip.

Collect different rags, trade them - an unexpected profit.

Himself wrapped in rags - a sign of various troubles. If a friend is wrapped in them - a disease for him.

A rag for cleaning floors is a sign of weakness and passivity.

Dreams horoscope

Big floor cloth - go on a long journey.

Dream Interpretation of the Seasons

A rag in a dream symbolizes humility.

A dream about a rag eloquently says that the dreamer will be demoted.

Hold a rag in your hands - be disgraced.

Dream interpretation of Simon Canaanite

A dream about a rag - waiting for a big success or money.

Dream interpretation denise lynn

If you see dirty rags in a dream, old clothes, you may be spiritually poor. It is recommended to remember what your wealth is: you have a good family and true friends, you are talented or have physical strength. Try to concentrate on your wealth and distribute this feeling to other areas of life.

In a dream, some rags make you laugh - remember if you are making fun of someone else in reality. Maybe others often make fun of you? Analyze the situation.Remember that the attitude to you depends on how you feel about others. When they humiliate you, try to be above it.

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