The story of the "Wedding March"

Probably, every second couple of newlyweds is aware of the existence of Mendelssohn’s wedding march, because millions of them tied their lives to marriage together under his solemn chords.

None of the wedding in our registry offices does not take place without his participation, and, despite his very solid age of 172, the march has not lost its relevance, remaining one of the most popular wedding marches in the world.

Almost 2 centuries earlier, the famous composer and musician of his time, Felix Mendelssohn, worked on the creation of this creation. The young man was gifted with everything that one could wish the young man - beauty, talent, health and financial opportunities.

He practiced piano a lot, took vocal lessons, and also studied music theory. His talent was soon noticed by great people of his time, and his first compositional experiments at the age of 12 were recognized by Goethe, who prophesied a grandiose future for him.

But what is the story of the creation of the march of Mendelssohn? At age 17, a young man wrote an overture "A Midsummer Night's Dream" based on the famous play by Shakespeare,and 15 years later, upon the request of the King of Prussia, he expanded it and supplemented it with 10 more parts, among which the famous melody appeared today. True, the wedding march triumph occurred somewhat later, unfortunately, after the death of the creator.

The first couple who chose Mendelssohn’s march for the marriage ceremony were young people from the small provincial town of Tiverton, in 1847. Records of this fact are still kept in the archives of St. Peter’s Church.

The wedding melody acquired massive popularity after the loud wedding of 1858, in which the princess Victoria and the hereditary Prussian crown prince Frederick III were married.

A great connoisseur of music, young princess Victoria chose him for the moment of the young couple leaving the church.

By the way, interesting is the fact that this marriage, which really was for love, in the end, lasted as much as 30 years until the death of Frederick. The couple of great monarchs gave birth to 8 children, of whom there were 4 boys and 4 girls.

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