Weaving a bright bouquet

Weaving bright baubles- weave an unusual bauble from muline thread, the feature of which will be loose threads on the sides.

Materials and tools:

  1. black thread floss;
  2. multi-colored floss;
  3. scissors;
  4. clothespins.

Step 1

We cut off 9 segments of the same length from the black thread of the floss, which we tie into a knot and fasten it with a clothespin.

We take a thread of any color, for example, yellow, cut off a segment from it. Next, we interweave it into the base of the bauble, tying a knot on each of the 9 black threads of the warp. Cut the remaining ends of the yellow thread, leaving 2-3 cm on each side.

Then we cut the thread of a different color and weave the bracelet in exactly the same way. And we continue weaving baubles, repeating this step, until the desired length. Tie a knot.

At the end we weave braids that will be stitches at the ends of a baubler.

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