We update the old cabinet. The scratched countertop and nasty color did not let his owner calmly sleep, she decided to seriously update it

  • Nacezhda

    It turned out IKEA!

  • Luban

    I love clear lines! It turned out great!

  • Gold pens! Umnichka !!!! I adore this color, but I have a very dark closet, and I also don’t have any idea how to update it !! ???

    • Anonymous

      I painted my dark Soviet wardrobe in pure white! happened.

    • Anonymous

      ... there are no problems ... First, paint with white for 2 times, and then with any color ... I painted even polished surfaces (without prior sanding) with white and odorless acrylic paint, it fits perfectly to any surface and dries quickly, and then paint it with any Colour….

Date: 15.11.2018, 20:49 / Views: 41285

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