We select a gift for a child for 1 year

Selecting a baby gift for 1 year is not such an easy task. A child at that age has one interest - toys. It is unlikely that he will like clothes, shoes or bedding, and how it has become fashionable to donate now, gold chains, crosses, amulets. Few people think that these decorations are of no value to a child. Let's look at the possible options for gifts.

A one-year-old child in this period is actively developing fine motor skills. The kid begins to distinguish the shape, color, texture of the subject. And for this, in order to help him develop a little bit faster, a sorter is perfect, now there is a huge variety of them - from ordinary wood to talking and singing. Walkers will also work just fine. With them, the child will quickly learn to walk well, will be able to play on the go, because on such children's transport there is a whole entertainment center with music, beeper, rattles.

Choosing a gift for a boy for 1 year is more difficult than for a girl. Here the first thing that comes to mind - the machine.In this case, cars, motorcycles will do, and the child doesn’t ask for fun and parents again and again, and the child’s physical development only benefits.

If a birthday boy (birthday girl) has a date in the winter, then a sledge will be a good gift. The child will like to change the tired carriage to another, unusual transport and take a ride with the breeze in the fresh frosty air (the main thing here is not to forget to warm the baby).

For the development of the baby, you can donate a teaching talking rug that has the function of learning letters, numbers, animals. A little hero of the day may not immediately like such a gift, but this will benefit the mental development of a future genius. The developing mirror will improve the child's perception of colors due to flickering lights, music will develop hearing, and the mirror itself will develop fine motor skills of hands.

You can certainly still ask the parents what their child needs, but not every parent will say about it, so as not to seem immodest. A good gift will be a family photo session. Years later, the child will leaf through the album and, believe me, it will be interesting for him, even though he will not remember this.You can also give a set for plaster casts of arms and legs, later it will be a great memory for both parents and children.

In any case, for a child at this age, the main thing is not gifts, but attention, care and love, and all the donated toys will not be of interest to him too early.

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