We grow on the windowsill the most useful and healing plant easily and simply

Ginger has long been famous for its miraculous properties. He and the excess water from the body expels, and invigorates, and saturates vitamins, and even restores pressure. Are these qualities just not enough to periodically add it to your diet? In order not to have to constantly buy ginger in the store, let's grow his house once from the spine once. Later you can plant it in the garden. Some gardeners ginger blooms wonderful scarlet flowers.

So, to germinate ginger, you need to find a good root in the store, preferably 1-2 buds. They look like eyes on a potato (in size can be more or less):

The spike should be buried a couple of centimeters in the ground and watered periodically. He likes moisture, but not overflowing. Deep planting is not worth it - really enough for a couple of centimeters.

If you plant ginger in the spring, then by autumn you can already dig up the rhizomes and consume them.

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