We decorate the alarm clock luminous wire

We decorate the alarm clock with a luminous wire- a master class, decorate the alarm clock with a luminous wire (or LEDs), make it more beautiful and visible at night.

Materials and tools:

  1. alarm;
  2. screwdriver;
  3. drill and drill;
  4. glue gun;
  5. wire;
  6. luminous wire (or LEDs).

Step 1

Disassemble the alarm clock, you will need to work the dial.

Step 2

Drill 2 holes at the top of the dial, sell the glowing wire and lay the wire in a circle (dial), pasting it with a hot-melt glue gun to the dial. Also fix the wires behind the dial with glue.

Step 3

"Framed" with a luminous wire (of a different color) numbers on the dial, for this we drill holes at the beginning of the number (for 2-digit numbers 2 holes will be needed) and "frame" the numbers with a wire, sticking it with a hot-melt gun. Caution: be aware that the wires do not interfere with the arrows.

Connect the wires to each other and attach (solder) to the batteries, preferably through a toggle switch.

The clock with luminous dialis ready.

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