We build an arbor to give

We build an arbor for summer cottages
A summer house near a summer cottage or a residential house is a central resting place in the warm season. Usually it is there that the whole family gathers for holidays and on weekends to sit, eat barbecue, talk and relax from the heart. Therefore, it is important to make this place comfortable, quite roomy and beautiful. The choice of material You can choose metal or wood as the main material for the construction of an arbor. Each of these materials has its pros and cons. The metal may eventually corrode (to avoid this, it must be painted). Also, the metal has a high thermal conductivity, so it heats up quickly in summer and cools down quickly in cold weather. Wood is an environmentally friendly material. Over time, it can also deform, so to protect the wood from dampness and the appearance of mold, its surface is covered with a layer of varnish or paint. Financial costs for the construction of wooden and metal pavilions are quite comparable,so when choosing it is necessary to be guided by personal preferences and taste. There are also more expensive materials for erecting arbors: polycarbonate, brick, forged structures, but we will not consider them. Preparing the foundation of the arbor First you need to equip the foundation - the base on which the entire structure of the arbor will hold. The material for the foundation should be chosen depending on the monumentality of the future structure - a capital built from cement mix, block or brick. In our case, the base of the gazebo has an area of ​​12 sq.m., so it was decided to fill the foundation blocks from the cement mixture (concrete). Construction of the foundation should begin with digging three rows of holes (6 holes in each row). The distance both between the rows and between the pits in each of the rows should be about a meter. The size of a single pit is 40x40x40 cm. At the bottom of each of them, the foundation for the foundation is poured: sand or rock dust (crushed stone of a fine fraction) in a layer of 2-3 cm. Then a concrete mix of cement and sand (or rock dust) is prepared in proportion 1: 3. The resulting mixture is diluted with water and thoroughly mixed to a uniform consistency.The more liquid you get the mixture, the longer the concrete will dry, but the stronger it will be in the end. The level of the foundation must be strictly horizontal, so in some places it may be necessary to align it - arrange the formwork of bricks or boards to the desired height and pour concrete mix. Construction of a pergola The first level of the gazebo, on top of the foundation, along the rows of foundation blocks are laid wooden beams measuring 100x100 mm). In our case, it was not necessary to cut the 6-meter bars, they were laid in the entire length of the gazebo. From the sides, across the installed beams, the extreme beams are first laid first, and then several bars, sawn in the middle. They are attached to the already laid bars with metal corners and long self-tapping screws for wood using a screwdriver. Building an arbor for giving
On top, along the edges along the length of the arbor are also laid two timbers size 50x100 mm. The next row of the same bars is laid and fastened across them. The gap between the rows should be about 40-50 cm. The beams of the perimeter of the upper part of the arbor should also be fixed with diagonal struts. They carry both a decorative function and the function of strengthening the arbor frame.They are fixed at an angle of 45 degrees. The angle is measured by the usual angle and sawed off with a saw (hacksaw, grinder or chainsaw). Over the rows of bars, longitudinal boards are fixed - this will be the sheathing of the future roof.
 We build a gazebo for giving
After the frame is ready , you can proceed with the arrangement of the floor. To do this, along the entire length of the gazebo lay boards and fasten with screws to the foundation bars. This is done fairly quickly, the only problem may arise when laying the extreme boards - they will have to cut grooves under the posts. After the construction of the floor, you can begin to install the railing. At a level of 1-1.5 m from the floor (as you prefer) horizontally mounted and fastened with corners and self-cutting bars measuring 50x100 mm. Under the horizontal railing, diagonal bars 50x50 mm in size are set crosswise. One of the beams is closer, and the other farther from the edge of the basement gazebos. You can mount a crosswise two bars on the entire length of the opening, and you can use a larger number of bars. In our case, there are four bars per one opening.At the ends of the installed beams, it is necessary to make diagonal cuts at an angle of 45 degrees, and so that their surfaces are perpendicular to each other.
Building an arbor for giving
Preliminary surface of the rails is better to sand, so that it does not have a splinter. Then the surfaces of the railing, the pillars, the struts and the sheathing under the roof are coated with a primer. The solution is allowed to dry (one day will be enough), and then all treated surfaces are coated with varnish or paint in two layers. These measures will protect the wood from rotting, dampness and mildew. Roof installation The most common and unpretentious material - metal profiled sheet - was chosen for arrangement of the gazebo roof. It is inexpensive, resistant to moisture, is lightweight and easy to install. Sheets can be cut with the help of a conventional saw with the use of cutting discs for metal. When calculating the amount of material required, do not forget to take into account the margin on the protrusions outside the perimeter of the gazebo - so rain and snow will not fall inside. Sheets of metal are cut and fastened to the boards with roofing screws and a screwdriver. Begin to lay the sheet should be bottom up with a small overlap of sheets on each other, so that water does not fall into the gazebo between the sheets of metal. Decoration of the gazebo After the construction of your gazebo is completed, you should think about its decoration. What to put inside is your business. Use imagination and ingenuity. Surely you want to place inside not only a standard table and benches around it, but also pots with flowers, a swing, or a place for children's games.
We are building a summer house for the summer residence

Do not be afraid to experiment, trust your own taste and the wishes of your loved ones and then the gazebo will become a favorite vacation spot for the whole family.
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