We alter jeans on the kid with his own hands

Jeans ... They have already become so firmly in our lives and "settled" in the wardrobe, that it's time to say the words of the classic: "How much in this word for the heart of the Russian merged ...". Really, probably, everyone has at least one, but their favorite jeans. True, sometimes, we carry this favorite thing to a state where it would seem impossible to wear it, but it's also a shame to throw it away. The ability to cut and sew will help extend the life of jeans in this situation. Only here the thing will be altered on the baby. Too worn and tacky places on jeans trousers can be bypassed in a cut without compromising the look of the product. But the child runs some time in a new thing (until she grows up), and the family budget will be saved, just for new jeans for mom or dad.
We alter jeans for a kid
In general, from jeans of an adult man, with a clothing size not less than the 50th,It is quite possible to carve out pretty loose trousers for a child of 1.5-2 years old. Details of the cut of children's jeans will differ little from adults:
  1. Front halves of trousers;
  2. Back halves of trousers (one-piece on model with a belt);
  3. Under-crochet (one-piece with top side pocket lining);
  4. Upper lining of the side pocket (of finishing fabric);
  5. Belt of the front part of the trousers;
  6. Knee pads;
  7. Kant for kneecap decoration (from finishing fabric);
  8. Adjusting strip for kneecap decoration (from lacteal tissue).
All details, except for №5 and №8, are cut by pair in a mirror image. The pattern of children's trousers can be downloaded from the Internet or copied using a checked magazine on sewing for babies.
We alter the jeans on the baby
The piping for the decor of the kneecaps is a strip 2.5 cm wide and a little longer than the width of the kneecap itself. Each blank for the edging should be squeezed in length, and then stitched to the upper edge of the knee by a seam of 1 cm. After this, the seam allowance of the stitching of the edging should be squeezed towards the inside of the knee.The result will be a neat edge and a narrow edging.
We alter the jeans for the baby
Then the setting strip for the decoration of the knee pads should be ironed one long edge 1 cm to the side of the wrong side. The ironed strip should be cut into 2 equal parts (width) . Each part must be set up at the bottom of the knee pad with a corner, as shown in the photo.
We alter the jeans on the baby
Knee pads prepared in this way should be set on the front halves of the jeans. The bottom cut of each knee pad should be folded in the same way as the top. For ease of operation, the knee pads can first be knotted or pinned to the main part. After kneading, the knee pads should be gently pressed from the front and the back.
alter the jeans on the baby
After that, you can proceed to the processing of side pockets with a cutting side. A narrow strip of adhesive strip is ideal for this purpose.glued from the underside of the detail. We are fixing jeans for a kid
Then you should stitch the upper lining to the entrance to your pocket. Attachment seam - 5-7 mm. The details must be equalized in sections and look face to face.
We are wearing jeans for a kid
The stitched lining must be turned off on the wrong side of jeans and ironed, straightening a narrow piping, similar to the edge on the knee pads. Then you need to put a finishing line (you can two) at the entrance to your pocket.
alter the jeans on the baby
Next you need to attach a cutting side. To do this, it must be applied to the upper padding of the pocket (wrong side to the wrong side), to equalize by cuts and to sew with a 5 mm seam. alter the jeans on the baby Next, the lining must be unscrewed, the allowances straighten. If necessary, the seam can be ironed. At the edge of the lining pocket, you need to lay a machine stitch with a width of 7-10 mm. The stitch length should be medium or slightly less. Such a line would be better to “hold” the fabric,it won't break or wear out soon.
We change the jeans to the kid
The processed pocket should be fixed with an auxiliary stitch along the top and side cuts of the trousers. At the same time, you need to fix the tucks on the waist, provided for by the jeans model.
We change jeans for a kid
Similarly, you need to prepare the second half of the trousers.
We are wearing jeans for a kid
Then they need to be connected to each other along the middle seam, the overhang of which needs to be swept and ironed.
>img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/uploads/posts/2017-07/medium/1501482425_13-pereshivaem-dzhinsy-na-malysha.jpg" style="max-width: 100%;" alt="We alter the jeans for the baby">
The belt for the trousers can be cut out directly from the belt of jeans from which they are altered, with that, however, the difference that the children's belt should be an order of magnitude already. In the finished form, it can be made 2.5 cm. For a baby, this width will be quite enough. Belt length must be ironed in half. One longitudinal edge should be swept over.
We sew jeans for a kid
Use a stitched waistband to be attached to the upper cut of the trousers with a non-trimmed edge. Attachment seam - 1 cm. Seam allowance is better to press upwards.This will simplify further processing.
alter the jeans on the baby
alter the jeans on the baby
With the circumferential edge of the belt you need to bend around the upper edge of the front of the pants. The belt allowance should overlap the stitching of the stitch by 1 cm. For convenience, the bent belt can be bent or pinned . At the bottom edge of the belt should be given a finishing line. If necessary, the belt can be ironed on the wrong side.
alter the jeans on the baby
Preparation of the rear halves of the pants includes a total of 2 operations. First you need to connect them to each other along the seam of the seat (preferably, if the line is double, for durability). Then you need to sweep over the lower cut of the belt, and iron the belt on the wrong side of the product by 3.5 cm.
alter the jeans on the baby
Next, proceed directly to the installation of trousers. First of all, you need to stitch the side seams of the product. The rear halves waist allowance should bend around the front halves by 3.5 cm. Sweep overlap of seams. After that, step-seam trousers can be processed (both at the same time).
We change the jeans to the baby
To the ends of the belt of the back halves you need to sew 2 narrow or one wide (up to 2.5 cm) elastic braid.
We alter the jeans for the baby
Then the belt allowance must be turned inside out, the gum inside the resulting drawstring should be evenly stabbed, and one or two finishing lines should be laid along the belt itself.
alter the jeans on the baby
Pants must be turned on the front side. Lateral and stepped seams should be ironed on a special block through the ironing bar. At the same time, the hem allowance should be ironed - 4 cm. For convenience, you can pin it and pin it with pins in several places.
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