Wash hands in a dream: interpretation of sleep

Why dream of washing hands in a dream? The interpretation of this dream can be different, which depends on the details that the dreamer could see in his nightly dreams.

The interpretation of the dream book Thelomeny

Often, washing hands in a dream is a carefully concealed sense of guilt for doing wrong things. Man sincerely wishes to throw off this feeling and cleanse himself. It should start with asking for forgiveness from those people in front of whom you are very guilty.

Treatment taking into account the details of sleep

According to the dream book Thelomena, wash hands with soap in a dream - to the successful completion of an important task. But such a dream can also say that you will give up the job that was started, without completing it, and give up all the powers.

Washing hands with clean water spells a lot of positive emotions. Also, the dream promises an invitation to a solemn event, which will be a sea of ​​fun.

Washing hands under the tap also promises in reality a fun holiday with positive emotions. Good mood in the near future, you are guaranteed.

In the dream, you washed your hands and washed the floors with them - it means that in reality you will take up a task that you intend to bring to a logical conclusion. Such a dream suggests that everything in family affairs will be excellent, and relations with relatives will only please.

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