Want to make a grill with your own hands? 25 photos + drawings

The device is a simple barbecue.

Fire chamber:The inner wall of the brazier can be lined with refractory bricks. It is better to push the wall slightly forward for more convenient access to the grill grate.
Grill grill: Choose cast iron or stainless steel. Keeps on corner ledges.
Foundation:a platform of concrete (8-10 cm) on a cushion of compacted rubble (8-10 cm) ensures the stability of the grill construction.
Brick walls:They form a closed grill frame, reducing the consumption of firewood by 65% ​​and protect against hot sparks.
Ashpit:sheet metal for fuel. Located at a distance of 20-35 cm below the grill grill.

Make a grill with your own hands or buy?

If you have masonry skills, no back problems, and there are a couple of friends who are ready to help you, you can do the grill yourself over the weekend.

Where to place the grill at the dacha?

Determine the prevailing wind direction and set the grill so that the smoke does not fly into the house or to the rest area.

What to make a grill?

Concrete foundation blocks- the cheapest building material for the barbecue. Inside the firebox it can be lined with refractory bricks to preserve heat. Outside the grill can be lined with natural stone.

Natural stone- natural stone retains heat well. Plan enough time to select and adjust the stone. In addition, it is good to have some surplus stone in reserve, because It is difficult to predict the exact consumption of material for the construction of mangal from natural stone.

Red ceramic brick- almost the best choice for the construction of brazier. Externally attractive, retains heat well, is not afraid of interaction with open fire. For a brick grill, you will need a little more skill in masonry than for a block grill.

Than to burn a brazier?

Use dry fruit logs that give an unforgettable aroma to all dishes cooked on the grill. Provide in the design of the brazier a place where you can pre-stack suitable logs that you received when pruning fruit trees.

Tools for the brazier.

Forceps- the longer, the better for your safety.
Brushfrom metal for cleaning the grill grate.
Glovesfor barbecue that can withstand high temperatures.

Additional features barbecue.

BBQ with spitwhich will give the chance to evenly fry a large piece of meat.

BBQ with chimney- will allow to collect and divert smoke up to the side from the summer kitchen or gazebos next to which the barbecue is installed.

Fireplace with barbecue- you want to build something big in the country? We build a fireplace for a patio or a summerhouse gazebo, in the walls of which we build corners to support the barbecue lattice.

6 tips for working on the grill.

Grill grill should be hot. Before you put the meat on the rack heat it for about 15 minutes.

Organize different temperature zones for the grill grate, pushing some of the coals to one side. Roast meat on a hotter side, cooler vegetables or fish.

Do not overturn the products on the grill every minute, so that the meat is roasted it is enough to turn it up once roasting 5-6 minutes on one side.

Add flavor. Whatever the wood in your brazier, you can always improve the flavor of the prepared food, soaking a couple of fruit tree twigs in water for a few minutes, and then putting them on hot coals.

Give a rest.Leave to cool for a couple of minutes the finished meat, so it is better to distribute the juice.

The correct coals for cooking on the grill are red with a light touch of ash ash.

BBQ and security.

Food poisoning.Wash your hands, buy meat in safe places. This is the best advice to avoid food poisoning in the midst of your picnic in the country.

Charred meat.Do you like well roasted meat? Do not charring the shish kebab to blackness! Charred food particles increase the risk of cancer twice. So that you can raise a toast to health and to meat with a slight redness inside.

Carbon monoxide poisoning.Everything is good in its place. If you are cooking on the grill in bad weather and you had a crazy thought “why don't I do this in the garage,” chase it away with a filthy broom. Concentration of carbon monoxide in the room can become dramatic for you.

Fire.At least 3 m from buildings, wooden fences, sheds, etc. will give you the opportunity to avoid enormous damage from fire and serious injury.

Heatstroke."It's so hot here that a blow will suffice me." This may not be just a joke. Overheating can cause a serious exacerbation of the disease for people with cardiovascular diseases.

Casual clothes.Do not wear loose clothing with loose sleeves or shelves when working with a brazier. The spark that hit it may not produce the kind of fireworks you planned.

Deep-fried.It is better to leave work with deep fat to professional cooks. Spray of fat, open fire - it's better not to overestimate yourself, we are smart enough to understand, “the game is not worth the candle.”

Be careful, wasp.The bites of wasps are extremely painful, and are very dangerous for people with allergic reactions. Therefore, it is better to have anti-allergenic drugs in the first-aid kit, and a long-sleeved shirt on yourself.

Coals and fire safety.Wait 48 hours before throwing ash from the barbecue.

How to care for the brazier?

Clean the steel grill grate with a steel brush so as not to accumulate ashes and debris. Sprinkle the grill on the grill with sunflower oil to prevent rust on it. Remove the ash after each use of the barbecue, so as not to accumulate odors for the next cooking.

Will you do the grill yourself or buy ready, it will bring you many pleasant moments, when with barbecue in hand, admiring the open fire in a pleasant company, you will get such a necessary respite from the intense daily rhythm.

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