Vozdushka bead necklace

This necklace looks very unusual. Often, at first glance, it is even difficult to understand how the beads stick together. At the same time it is very simple in execution. You can not be able to knit or not know the tricks of beadwork, but these are decorations for a few free evenings. The necklace-vozdushka perfectly looks both with business suits, and with summer sundresses. Here the main thing is to choose the color of the jewelry. Combining several shades, you can achieve the original effect. And the woven elements of the glass bead will add a little shine.
 Necklace from beads
Materials for work:
  • beads - 3-4 shades;
  • fishing line - not less than 10 m;
  • accessories for jewelry (buckle-clasp, ring, tips - 2 pcs., pin with eyelet - 2 pcs.);
  • round nose pliers;
  • hook - 4 mm.
Implementation Instructions. First you need to go Imo prepare the bead thread, which will serve as our foundation.To do this, we collect beads of various shades in a chaotic manner. Type a certain pattern here does not make sense. The beauty of the decoration is in the mix of shades.
 Bead Necklace
For the presented necklace you will need 2 - 3 meters of bead thread. When the fishing line is recruited, do not cut it from the reel. At the very beginning we make a small loop and fasten it with a knot. Then we start crocheting air loops.
 Bead necklace
In each new loop we tie beads: one or more beads. You can also skip them and leave loops empty, without beads.
 Bead Necklace
During knitting, we move the beads along the fishing line, winding it off little by little from the reel. We knit our openwork thread until the beads on the fishing line run out.
 Bead Necklace
At this stage, you need to act very carefully. The thread may be tangled. To avoid this, you can wind the blank on the book.
 bead necklace
It is convenient to assemble a necklace on any soft surface, a sofa cushion will do.We stick two rows of pins into it. The distance between them is down - 1 cm. In length - the necessary width of the decoration. But it is worth considering that each next row should be longer by 1 cm.
 Bead Necklace
Now we wind up our knitted thread with beads on pins.
 Bead necklace
Putting the ends together on one pin and tying the fishing line.
 Bead Necklace
Extend the eyelet on the fitting pin, and we put on a bundle of beaded fishing line, bend the ear back.
 Bead Necklace
Put the tip on the pin, bend its edges so that they fit snugly to the bead threads.
Bead necklace
Stringing several beads on a pin. This will slightly increase the length of the product. We bend the pin round-nosed, forming a loop. Repeat on the other hand.
Bead necklace
On one side we put a ring on the loop, on the other - a carbine.
Bead Necklace

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